Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals The Story Behind Her Vagina-Scented Candle: 'It's Punk Rock'

Gwyneth Paltrow knows how to do a lot of things — act, run a business, sing, and definitely break the Internet, if the latest Goop sensation sweeping the nation is anything to go by.

Gwyneth recently announced that you could purchase, through her online store Goop, a candle that "smells like my vagina."


The candle cost $75 and, obviously, immediately sold-out after its announcement went viral.

I kind of get it. Like, I don't want to pay $75 for this candle, but I'm also kind of intensely curious about the name.

The Rock tried to get in on this marketing tactic too.

Responding to a comedian who suggested The Rock should release his own genital-scented candle, the actor replied, "Brother I tried to make those candles but I kept burning my balls. I moved onto shampoo."

If you're like me, you've been incredibly curious as to where the name of the scent came from.

Instagram | @gwynethpaltrow

Well, Gwyneth has just told the story, and it's not what you might expect. When Seth Meyers asked her how the name came to be, Gwyneth revelead that while testing scents, "I smelled this beautiful thing and I said, ‘This smells like my vagina.’ I was kidding. We were on mushrooms,” she joked.

Gwyneth joked that the name was "funny to us."

She also added that she thought the name was "a little bit punk rock," since women grow up feeling a certain amount of shame around their bodies.

Honestly, she's not wrong!

Did you get one of the elusive vagina-scented candles? Would you ever spend $75 on a candle? Let us know in the comments!