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'Sasquatch' Photo Goes Viral As Washington DOT Insists It's The Real Deal

The internet is full of supposed "Sasquatch" sightings, which are mostly just photos of blurry, taller-than-average figures stomping their way through the forest, just minding their own business and most likely not intending to spark any sort of concern or conspiracy.

While people's "proof" tend to slip under our radar, the Washington State Department of Transportation wants the world to know that they've spotted Bigfoot — and they've got the evidence to back it up.

Well, sort of.

On January 22, the Washington DOT East tweeted out a series of photos captured on a local traffic cam.

"Sasquatch spotted," the post boldly begins, before going on to add the classic Michael Scott Office line, "I'm not superstitious... just a little stitious."

As the DOT explains, the blurry photos were snapped on Sherman Pass, right near State Route 20, and appear to show the man(?), the myth, the legend, Sasquatch.

A few Twitter users decided to play along with the post, with some even asking to set up a Sasquatch search party.

Others decided to add a little bit of humor to the thread.

"His name is Bob," this user quipped, while another added, "I knew he was here. So glad I moved to Washington."

Sasquatch Crunch batch granola company even joined in on the fun with their own cheeky reply.

"Ahh you found him," they wrote. "We were wondering where our CEO went this past weekend."

The official WSDOT Tacoma Traffic account also chimed in with a photo of Bigfoot and added, "Beware: Dude with size 19 feet meandering."

Of course, there were also those who had their doubts and decided to make those doubts known in the comments.

Some proposed that this "Sasquatch" is really just the shadow of a tree trunk, although WSDOT East made sure to personally tell those people, "I can confirm that it is not a shadow of the tree trunk."

The account later added that there is a "story behind [the pictures]" but didn't share any other details.

So suffice it to say, WSDOT has sparked a pretty big mystery online. What the heck are we looking at here?

One day later, the same account tweeted that crews are cautiously heading over to Sherman Pass and will be on the lookout for BF.

This tweet prompted someone else to respond, "Please don't scare Sasquatch. He has a gentle soul and should be allowed to live in peace."

If there really is a Bigfoot out there, perhaps we should respect his privacy and let him stomp around Washington without getting all up in his business about it. Live and let live, after all.

h/t: Twitter | @WSDOT East