There Are 'You' Valentine's Day Cards That Send The Perfect Message

Well, I'm not sure if it's the message you'd want to be sent unless you want a serial killer's face and message plastered all over your Valentine's Day cards.

But to each their own, apparently.

So if you want a super weird card, this may be the one for you.

It seems that 'You' is becoming more popular by the day.

Not only did it's second season rock the world, but it's seemingly all anyone can talk about!

Joe Goldberg is everywhere, from our minds to our mouths to our TV screens.

And now, he's on our Valentine's Day cards!

Etsy | SketchyPrintCo

Yes, it seems that on Etsy you can now find You Valentine's Day cards, which have some really sweet messages like the one above.

Oh wait, did I say sweet?

I meant kind of creepy.


Unless, of course, your Valentine happens to be a fan of the show.

And hey, this may be a trend, considering season 3 is coming out in 2021...

So treat a 'You' fan with one of these cards this Valentine's day...


But please, before you do, make certain that they have seen the show.

Because otherwise, messages like "I really like you, but not in a creepy stalker kind of way... I promise" might not go over well.

If you want to actually purchase them, you can click here.