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Clever Yoda Bookend Uses The Force To Display Your Books Like A Jedi Master

I will be the first to admit that I probably have more books than I know what to do with. It's just so hard to pass up a great story or an awesome cover design.

If you also have one of the biggest book collections in the galaxy, you can now recruit Yoda to help organize and display your collection.

Before Baby Yoda (AKA The Child) took over pop culture, there was the OG Yoda.

Remember? He was way older than The Child and had a very unique speech pattern. Personally, I still stan Yoda and might even like him better than Baby Yoda.

If, like me, you are also a huge fan of Yoda, you can harness his use of the force to display your books.

Reddit | frmacleod

This clever bookend makes it look like Yoda is lifting your books, one title at a time.

This would make a great gift for the "Star Wars" fan in your life.


You can find it at Hallmark's online store where it retails for $19.95.

Online, people have been loving this galactic bookend.

The product has a 4.5/5 star review on Hallmark's website. Many people have said they've used them to decorate classrooms and offices too.

The versatile design works just about anywhere.

Ali Express

Use it on your coffee table, bookshelf, or desk. This bookend works on just about any surface in the galaxy.

Organize your books, you will.


Harness the power of the force to cleverly display and organize your collection with the help of this tiny Jedi Master!

If you're looking to feature some other Star Wars characters, there are a few other bookend options.


Seven20 has this design featuring our two favorite droids, R2-D2 and BB-8, available on Amazon. I do have a soft spot for BB-8.

Or, if you want to join the Dark Side, there's also this Death Star and Darth Vader design.


Hey, we can't all be good guys. Some of us were destined to be Sith Lords, right?

These "Star Wars" bookends look like they came from a galaxy far, far away, but you can find them online.

All of these awesome designs get a thumbs up from me!