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Fans Can't Tell The Difference After Teen Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into Timothée Chalamet

People who are really skilled at makeup are basically magicians. They can go from looking like themselves to looking like pretty much any person in the world with enough time, makeup, and dedication, whereas I can barely make my eyeliner even on both sides.

Charlotte Roberts is a 16-year-old makeup artist with incredible talent.

Charlotte has amassed over 150k Instagram followers for her makeup skills, but her real following is on the video platform TikTok, where she has over a million followers, which may be on the rise since her latest makeup look has gone viral.

She managed to turn herself into acting legend Timothée Chalamet.

Obviously, the video blew up on TikTok and on Twitter, since the resemblance to the star is uncanny and honestly a real show of the young artist's skill!

This side by side shot of Charlotte's Timothée and the real one is striking.

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She managed to create his jawline using brown makeup, and I don't even know how she got the eyes so close.

If Timothée ever needs a stand-in on set, I think he's covered!

Obviously, Timothée's fans went crazy.

"I cannot stop watching or thinking about the timothee chalamet make up tiktok," one fan tweeted in response.

Neither can I, honestly.

"THE BEST RECREATION IVE EVER SEEN OF A CELEBRITY OMG," wrote one commenter on Instagram.

"I will never get over how talented you are," read another comment, while another asked "How is this possible?!"

That's what I'd like to know!

Charlotte's artistry is truly impressive.

For the record, she can also make herself look like people other than Timmy — for instance, how would you rate her transformation into the Lorax?

It's a 10/10 for me, and I also speak for the trees on that one.