10+ Of The Worst Movie Couples

Sometimes, we wanted these couples to work out so very badly.

Others, we hated from the start and wanted them to break up.

Regardless, they were pretty bad in the eyes of the general public, and so they make this list today. These are the most dysfunctional couples in film.

1. Cobb and Mal

Warner Bros.

Movie: Inception.

Whenever your partner becomes the manifestation of guilt in your mind, you know your relationship wasn't all that good. Plus, it was Cobb's meddling that resulted in Mal's death.

2. Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara


Movie: Gone With The Wind.

Yes, it's one of the films that some people would consider a classic, but the couple at the center of this classic are just not right for each other.

O'Hara wasn't in love with him the whole time, at least until the end before he slaps her with his iconic line.


And he's not that great either.

After all, he did propose to her right after her husband died and fight for the Confederacy.

3. James Bond and Vesper Lynd

Columbia Pictures

Movie: Casino Royale.

She takes millions of his winnings and gives them to an evil terrorist... sounds pretty dysfunctional to me.

Does Bond really have a "functional" relationship with any of his girls?

4. Douglas and Lori Quaid

Tristar Pictures

Movie: Total Recall.

Ah, they were such a nice couple... Until Douglas found out he was actually a secret agent that got his memories erased.

Oh, and his wife was an enemy agent tasked with keeping an eye on him.

When a relationship ends with a bullet to the head and an action line such as: "Consider that a divorce" you have to admit it's pretty darn dysfunctional.

Tristar Pictures

At least that's what I think.

5. Christine Daae and Erik

Warner Bros.

Movie: Phantom Of The Opera

Erik is a total creep. He's a stalker, he constantly threatens Christine's boyfriend and you know what the worst part is? He's in love with the idea of Christine, not her.

6. Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen

The Samuel Goldwyn Company

Movie: Sid and Nancy.

This was a real-life couple that was definitely... Definitely a little dysfunctional.

They fought all the time, and in the end, he may have actually killed her.

7. Jack and Wendy Torrance

Warner Bros.

Movie: The Shining

This was definitely mostly Jack's fault.

Jack was an alcoholic, and then there was that whole business in the Overlook Hotel where he tried to murder her and their son.

8. Michael Corleone and Kay Adams

Paramount Pictures

Movie: The Godfather

A relationship is all about trust. Trusting the other person more than you trust anyone else.

And when Kay asked Michael if he had killed people, he said no. Even though he had. Shame!

9. Marla Singer and The Narrator

20th Century Fox

Movie: Fight Club

Considering she spends most of the movie thinking he's this "Tyler Durden" guy, it's probably not safe to say that once he's lucid the relationship is going to last.

10. Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amadala


Movie: Star Wars (Prequels)

We've heard all the criticisms about these two: they have no chemistry. Their love is forbidden. They act as in love as two chairs stacked on top of each other.

But you know what?


Yeah, they're probably right. It was probably poor direction, as these two are pretty decent actors, but the couple they portrayed was just not right for each other.

Sorry, Star Wars fans.

11. Anna and Hans


Movie: Frozen

Yes, we know this relationship ended pretty poorly. But, they were dysfunctional from the start!

They had just met and wanted to get married, which as we all know works every time.