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Target Is Selling The Cutest Felt Avocados To Gift To Your Other Half-ocado

Valentine's Day is coming up, the day filled with fancy dinners, chocolates, roses, cards, and excessive PDA.

However, sometimes big fancy gestures aren't what means the most. Sometimes a little felt avocado figurine is all someone needs.

How adorable is this felted anthropomorphic avocado figurine from Target?

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They're so cute that people can't help but snap a pic of the pair.

One half of the avocado half holds the pit and a heart, while the other sports the stem.

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The little arms and legs get me every time.

Of course, the avocado pair makes for a great punny opportunity.

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"You’re all avo wanted..," wrote Instagrammer @targetfamilyfinds.

Other great puns include, "you're my other half-ocado," and "let's avo-cuddle."

Feel free to @ me for credit.

Target is also selling a pair of loving anthropomorphic bananas for all those sweet people out there.

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This is the way to a Millennial's heart.

Find them for $5 while supplies last!

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