13+ Dramatic Hair Makeovers That Prove Hairstylists Are Magicians

Here's something we all know to be true: Before-and-after transformations are addictive.

Whether it's home renovations, DIY upgrades, or something beauty-related, makeovers are infinitely scrollable — so let's scroll through 14+ of them, shall we?

This transformation is extreme.

Extreme Makeover: Hair Edition. Ivette Noriega (aka @beautybyvivi on Instagram) took her client's grown-out ombré to a platinum fantasy. The darker roots will totally help when her hair starts to grow out, too.

This peach fantasy is everything.

In order to achieve this perfect peach color, @nealmhair mixed rose gold and coral.

I had no idea rose gold is a hair option, and now I kind of want rose gold hair.

There's so much lightness in this makeover!

@mai_hairstylist describes the after of this makeover as, "creamy beige baylage." There's definitely some beige in the amazing layers of this look, and tons of light gray! The dimension is out of this world.

This look required a lot of repair work.

@hairdreamsbyalice provided a step-by-step breakdown of how she took her client's hair from fried to fresh.

Years of box dye bleach had killed her ends, so she cut all of that off. She went through a 12-hour process to get that gorgeous silver look.

Add some dimension.

This amazing hair transformation took six hours to accomplish. According to @hairbyamberjoy, it took two rounds of toner and a ton of lightener to bring this gorgeous look to life.

This hair was rebuilt from the root down.

Unfortunately for @instylebycrystalk, her client failed to mention that she had once dyed her hair dark. Once the bleaching process started, everything turned, well, orange.

It took her nine hours to correct the damage box dyes had done.

From grey to fabulous.

Najah Aziz (@naajahliketheriver) absolutely killed this makeover. As she wrote on Instagram:

"If you come to my chair and say, 'Do whatever you want to do,' it comes out magical every time."

Dry hair gets new life.

Janet Mallon described how hard it is to work with hair that's been dyed over and over.

"They only way you can get stubborn color to budge is with thin, tiny sections, patience, a [expletive]load of lightener, bond builder, TIME and MONAYYY HONAAYY."

Keep the color, lose the hair.

@shanelthehairstylist's client already had a hair color she loved, but the cut wasn't working for her anymore.

A close crop was the name of the game for this transformation, and the results are amazing.

From blonde to blonde(r)

@lennakellydoeshair revealed how this hair came to be: "When your client says, 'I just never leave the salon feeling blonde enough' girl. I got you!"

That's about as blonde as it can get!

This makeover has a bonus.

Sometimes, less is more.

@isaac4mayor's client wanted new color and an undercut. He not only delivered on that, but talked her into an eyebrow cut, too! It totally fits her new look, and her cheekbones are poppin' now.

Some makeovers just spark joy.

This look has the same energy, but a totally upgraded final look.

While they stuck with the blonde-red color palette, the new allover color and the orange highlights just take this hair to another level.

This look is a breath of fresh hair.

Well, I think I'm funny.

@razzohaircare posted an incredibly satisfying process video of this puffed up to sleek transformation. It's almost hard to believe that it's the same person under all that hair!

That's one grown-out ombré.

To get that beautiful blonde color, @vivaglamstudio spent seven hours taking their client from that uneven before to their stunning after.

I can't believe that's someone's real hair. It looks frickin' unreal.

Proof that color isn't everything.

While changing up your color is always fun, sometimes a dramatic cut does the job.

This amazing bob was done by @salsalhair. Bobs are very on trend right now, and it looks like they're not going away anytime soon.

A pink pixie cut? I stan.

Not only did this woman decide to go for the big chop, but she also dyed her hair a playful pink hue as well. I adore it!

Rocking the modern mullet.

Haven't you heard? Mullets are back, baby! Who's ready to try this shaggy-chic 'do? It's becoming the haircut of the year.

Not every trip to the salon results in a short haircut.

Sometimes stylists work their magic with the help of extensions. How beautiful are these flowing locks?

Side-swept pixie cut? Don't mind if I do.

What I love about this haircut is how the stylist managed to keep the hair's natural wave and texture. It adds some extra movement to the look.

I'll never say no to a beautiful lob cut.

The long bob, or "lob", is a timeless look that seriously looks good on everyone. I'm not exaggerating. Every. One.

Give this stylist the props she deserves.

New color? Check. New cut? Check? Fierce look? CHECK. I am loving everything about this transformation!

I call this "the big chop".

I highly recommend every woman go for "the big chop" once in their lifetime. It's a liberating experience.

From dry and thin to smooth and silky.

Is it just me, or does this hair transformation remind you of a flowing waterfall in a beautiful, lush rainforest? Okay, I'll stop daydreaming, but good hair does that to you.

It's incredible how a simple haircut can change so much.

Getting a face-framing style can really change your whole look. Her gorgeous eyes pop thanks to this flattering cut.

Wow. Just wow.

I feel so bad for the hair in the "before" photo. it was seriously lacking hydration and practically calling for help. Now it looks refreshed and renewed.

I'll never get tired of these pixie cut transformations.

These photos are enough to make me think about getting a pixie cut too. Hmmm... you never know!

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