9+ Ways To Restore Old Things Back To Their Glory Days

Is it just me, or are you also a sucker for restoring old items to their previous glory days? I dunno why, but I find something so satisfying about it. So if there's a solution to make something new again, I'm all eyes and ears.

The following tricks, tips, and items are promising to do just that and more. Get a load of these.

1. Two Ways To Restore Antique Hardware

Bella Renovare

You can either soak it in vinegar or layer it in ketchup. Let it stand, then use a wire brush to scrub it.

2. Get Those Sneakers White Again


One of the reasons I don't buy white sneakers is because they can get so dirty. This scrubbing detergent and whitening agent works wonders.

3. Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets


So you've invested in a non-plastic water bottle, but now it's starting to smell funky. Just use these awesome cleaning tablets and, voilĂ , it's like new.

4. Restore That Old Baking Sheet


I've got so many dingy-looking baking sheets that are past their prime. I didn't know baking soda and peroxide will clean them right up.

5. Freshen Up Leather


Leather shoes can definitely start showing wear and tear after a while. But did you know that you can restore them with petroleum jelly or Vaseline?

6. Revive Those Dying Plants


This is right up my alley. I have such a hard time keeping plants alive, so I have to get these plant food fertilizer spikes.

7. Use A Stain And Odor Eliminator


If you have carpets in your house, I bet they can get pretty dirty and smelly over time. This spray should really help keep them looking like new.

8. Sharpen Those Old Knives


Are your old knives no longer sharp? Well, don't worry about that. Just use a knife sharpening tool like this and they'll be back in shape. Yay!

9. Homemade Grout Cleaner

Practically Functional

Did you know there's an easy DIY solution to clean that dirty grout? Just mix baking soda and bleach, and your grout will look like new.

10. Use An Electric Pressure Washer


This tool is so useful to get the dirt off places like lawn equipment, garage doors, cars, fences, boards, patio floorboards, and more. These things can do it all!

11. Natural Wood Furniture Restorer


Forget all those expensive wood restore solutions. Just mix olive oil and water with white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the wood and rub it with a rag.

12. Use An Oxidation, Scratch, And Water Stain Remover


Your car can surely take a lot of beating in inclement weather, so this solution will bring back its shine.

13. Restore Your Jewelry


Now that I'm engaged, I'm so paranoid about my ring looking ugly. LOL! Apparently this cool Diamond Dazzle Stick can clean and polish it. Nice!

14. Get Rid Of That Fabric Fuzz


I dunno about you, but I find it annoying when I get fuzz on my clothes and fabrics. So I love this gadget that will remove them in a snap.

15. Oxi-Clean Your Baby Clothes


Baby clothes can get soiled pretty badly, and you can't exactly throw away clothes. So this amazing powder will get those stains out.

16. Change The Look With Self-Adhesive Film


This is such an easy fix. Use self-adhesive film like this one to quickly cover up old furniture or dingy looking walls.

17. Get A Mattress Protector


If you can afford a new mattress, great. If not, just get a bamboo mattress protector that will make it look and feel new again.

Plus, it will stop stains from getting on the mattress in the first place.

18. Get Rid Of Pet Hair


There's nothing more annoying than sitting on a couch in your black pants only to discover they're covered in pet hair. You need this to keep your dark clothes looking sharp.

19. Use A Shoe Polish


There's a reason people use shoe polish: It really makes a huge difference in the way old or dirty shoes look afterward. Worth the investment, if you ask me.

20. Natural Stain Remover


Puracy natural laundry stain remover safely tackles stains like grass, blood, sweat, oil, red wine, cosmetics on just about any fabric. Works on carpet, too!

21. Fix It With Moldable Glue


Check out this amazing moldable glue that, get this ... turns into rubber. Say what? That's so amazing. This has so many uses including fixing cracked cables.

22. Remove Rust From Cast Iron Pans


Apparently, if rust forms on your pan, you can use steel wool to scrub it and then re-season it with oil. OMG, amazing.

So are you ready to start making your old stuff look brand new again?

Isn't this so exciting? Ha, ha. I can't wait to use some of these techniques and products ASAP.