Jason Momoa Visits Children's Hospital, Invites Lucky Child To 'Aquaman 2' Set

Well, once again Jason Momoa is making the news because he did something awesome. Is there anything this guy could do to make us hate him?

That was a rhetorical question internet, we don't need you opening up old stories about him and ruining Momoa for the rest of us.

Who is the greatest celebrity of our time?


Besides Keanu Reeves, that is?

That's right, it is Jason Momoa! When he isn't out there making us laugh or gasp when he's taking off his shirt, he's out there making other people smile. The guy is a true humanitarian!

When he isn't trying to save Hawaii or congratulating his step-daughter for grabbing a cool acting roll, he's making sure to help make sure the world becomes a better place.

Instagram | @prideofgypsies

For example, recently, he went to a children's hospital to play with some kids, and even invited one to the set of Aquaman 2!

"The greatest part of being Aquaman is making children happy."

Instagram | @prideofgypsies

"Spreading aloha had a little time before work to stop by UPMC children’s hospital of pittsburgh met so many brave strong babies all my aloha to the families. me and joshua bet that if he beat me in arm wresting he gets to have my trident. see u on set of aquaman 2 joshua. stay strong @childrenspgh aloha j" he wrote.

If this doesn't make you love Jason Momoa a little bit more, then nothing will.

This is definitely one of the best things Hollywood stars can do with their time: make the day a little brighter for some children.

Hopefully, we get some photos of Momoa and Joshua on the set of Aquaman 2 soon!