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'The Matrix 4' May Bring Back A Character Fans Love To Hate

Uh oh! Who could it be? Could it be that guy in the first movie that betrayed everyone, what was his name... Cypher?

Oh, it could be Agent Smith, the bad guy from all the original Matrix movies! Man, there were so many hateable Matrix characters, it could be anyone!

We all know 'The Matrix 4' is coming out, right?

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Not only are we going to see Keanu Reeves return as Neo, but we're also going to see Lana Wachowski’s return as writer/director, so this reboot is certainly looking up.

But we may see the return of one more character that fans may hate or love to see return.

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The character is... The Merovingian.

Yes, the "trafficker of information" himself, the leader of that dangerous crime syndicate, the program with the program.

He may be returning, or at least his actor thinks he'd like to be in the new movie.

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Lambert Wilson has been talking with the people behind the fourth Matrix and has expressed interest in being in the fourth film publically.

However, his shooting schedule might screw that all up.

Fans have reacted accordingly:

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With a resounding "meh". Sure, they'd love to see the Frenchman in another Matrix movie if possible, but would it change the film negatively if he wasn't present?

Probably not, to be honest.