'American Dad' Renewed For Seasons 18 And 19

Yes, one of the most criminally underrated TV shows is getting renewed for an 18th and 19th season!

Fans rejoice because we're going to get to see so much more of the hilarious Smith family!

Hopefully, we get to see 30 seasons like The Simpsons, but we doubt it. Nothing will live as long as The Simpsons.

One of Seth Macfarlane's most underrated creations is 'American Dad'


There are moments in the show that are just gut bustlingly hilarious, and they usually come from Stan or Roger.

But still, for years American Dad has been the show everyone has forgotten about.

Everyone... except the network, obviously.


Because the show is going to be renewed for an 18th and 19th season!

Kind of boggles your mind to think that American Dad has been going on for so long...

But believe us, it has.


In fact, this year is the year that American Dad will be airing its 300th episode. 300 freaking episodes!

Roger and Stan's back must be killing them for carrying this show for so long!

Showrunner Matt Weitzman joked that while the show may be lacking in quality, it sure won't be lacking in quantity.


Trust us, Matt, your show does not lack in quality at all. And the more, the better!