9+ Worst Home Decor Trends Of The Past 30 Years

Home decorating trends come and go, and we should be happy about that. Have you ever jumped on a trend that you have regretted before? Perhaps you got stuck with a wall color that you once thought was cool only to hate it a few years later.

That must be the case with these home decor trends from the past 30 years we would all like to forget.

1. Open Concept Floor Plan


Remember that trend in the '90s where everybody was knocking down walls to create that perfect open floor space? Well, what's wrong with walls?

2. Plastic Beads Room Divider


I recall stumbling upon these room dividers back in the day. Ha, ha. I liked them but then again I didn't understand the purpose of them.

3. Matching Bedroom Set


The '90s seemed to be all about matching. But to match your sheets to your bedroom walls is crossing the line if you ask me.

4. Pastel Bathrooms


Honestly, I'm not a fan of pastel colors especially when it comes to home decor. Having a pastel-colored bathroom makes me want to throw up lol.

5. Country Kitchen


I dunno how or why "country kitchen" ever became a thing. All of a sudden everything was about ducks and chickens and grandma-style chic. Not cool.

6. Blue Plaid Kitchen


Speaking of kitchens, another not so hot decor trend that came out in the '90s was everything plaid in the kitchen. That was just overkill.

7. Orange Pine Cabinets


Not to be outdone by the ducks and plaid, the orange pine cabinets came out in full force. I absolutely hate that look. Do you?

8. Border Wallpaper

Just when you thought ugly cabinets and matching bedroom sets were bad enough, then came the mismatched border wallpaper. It usually distracted you from ugly yellow paint.

9. Carpeted Bathroom


Why? Tell me why would anyone think it was a good idea to put a full-on carpet in the bathroom? That is so unsanitary and gross.

10. Ultra-Modern Minimalism


While the '90s brought you the life of excess the early 2000s went the opposite way. Now the decor trend was nothing. Like nothing at all. Really?

11. Giant Aquariums


Of course, nothing looks better in that empty minimalistic space than a giant aquarium, right? That just says "home" to me. LOL! I'm being sarcastic if you can't tell.

12. Shiplap Decor


In case you didn't know, shiplap decor style is like so 2016. So if you've got this, it's time to redecorate. Welcome to 2020!

13. Flat Screen TV Over Fireplace


I understand the appeal of this trend. It's definitely useful but I've seen it so many times I'm totally sick of it. Next!

14. Complimentary Colors


Yes, technically purple and yellow are complementary colors but that doesn't mean you should decorate your home with them! Monica was able to pull off these colors in the '90s but I don't think it would fly today.

So which one of these questionably chic decor trends is your least favorite?

Or do you have another one you absolutely want to see go away like now?

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