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Ariana Grande Shuts Down Trolls Criticizing Her Fashion Choices, Blames Paparazzi And Tik Tok

If you haven't liked the way Ariana Grande has been dressing for the past few years, we've got a list of people you can blame.

Namely, the paparazzi and even Tiktok "performers," as Ariana recently pointed these people out when she was busy shutting down her trolls.

Like many (read: all) celebs, Ariana Grande has had her fair share of trolls.

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Thankfully, the singer has never been afraid to clapback when they come for her.

Like the time some tried to say that Ariana was "milking" her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's death.

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The rapper tragically passed away in 2018 from a drug overdose.

He and Ariana had dated on-and-off for several years.

This ridiculous backlash began after Ari posted this throwback image of her and Miller for Thanksgiving.

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She left the simple caption: "you're v missed."

Instead of having sympathy for the star, one tweeted, "she milkin this [expletive] bruh."

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"Ariana let it go... Mourn it behind closed doors. Stop milkin' it when you wasn't even there when he was at his lowest right before it happened," another dared to tweet.

Ariana couldn't help but defend herself.

But she wasn't finished quite yet.

Fueled by the shock that people would ever question someone else's grief, she tweeted some more, hoping that no one else would have to deal with the pain she was going through.

"Some of the [expletive] i read on here makes me sick to my stomach. it scares me the way some people think and i don’t like this world a lot of the time," she wrote.

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"If only we could be more compassionate and gentle with one another. that’d be sick," she said.

As for the star's latest clapback, that has nothing to do with grief and *all* to do with fashion.

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As we all know, Ari is known for rocking a certain style all the time: high ponytail, oversized sweaters, and thigh-high boots.

While this has been a gorgeous combination, some fans are getting a little tired of it.

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"Like she’s been wearing the same boots/ long shirt Combo for years..... we need the insta baddie," her troll wrote.

When a fan tried to defend Ari by saying that she doesn't want her "to look like every other I Can’t Believe It’s Not Kylie," the troll went in on Ari's fashion again.

And that's when Ari joined the conversation.

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"thank god i’m a singer then," she began, with a crying face emoji.

"gimmeee a break i don’t like having my photo taken, i escape the paparazzi almost every time."

"i never post photos that aren’t on stage but [expletive] i promise i have cute [expletive] clothes. cuter than this [expletive] candy jacket i-"

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Later, she tweeted more about how she doesn't like having her picture taken.

After Ari pulled at her fans heartstrings, the troll had no choice but to send the star some love.

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When another fan wrote, "babe we jus want THEE BEST FOR YOU PERIOD!!!!!" Grande surprised everyone by sending some shade to her TikTok impersonators...

"PERIODDDDD. i already know but also i'm never even seen like ever. i promise i look cute in my own world," she began.

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"i haven’t even been able to put on a pair of [expletive] boots lately because of the traumatic image i have in my head of these uh .... tik tok 'performers.'"

In case you don't know the background on that, she was referring to the TikTok "performers" who have been dressing *exactly* like Ari on the app.

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While she has many, Paige Niemann is definitely Ari's most famous impersonator.

I mean, she legit looks like Ari.

Ari has expressed her distaste for Paige impersonating her before.

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When a fan account replied to Ari's tweet,"It’s funny because you’re lying," she replied with, "i-.... BE NICE" and a cry face emoji.

While she's finding the humor in it, it does make her pretty uncomfortable.

Basically, it's a hard life out there for celebs!

They've got paparazzi, people dragging their fashion sense, and now even creepy impersonators...

What's next?!