Student Receives Heartwarming Graduation Gift From Dead Grandmother

One letter left by a person's grandmother to be opened on graduation day has gone viral by breaking people's hearts across the internet.

Graduation is a truly special occasion.

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For a lot of people, graduation day is one of the most important days of their life. It signifies the culmination of all of someone's hard work and dedication over a large portion of their life and shows that they are ready for the next step in life.

It is also an important time for families.

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For parents and grandparents, seeing their children graduate can be an emotional rollercoaster, with plenty of parents shedding a tear even at the sight of their child in a graduation robe!

However, sometimes people's grandparents miss out on seeing such an occasion.

This was the case for Kayla.

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Kayla's grandmother has sadly been dead since Kayla was only four; however, this didn't stop her loving grandmother from being with her on that special occasion.

Kayla received a note that her grandmother had prepared for the day.

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Kayla posted a picture of the note, along with the caption:

"My grandma died when I was 4, but before she passed she wrote me a graduation letter & left a gift. I just got to open it after 14 years"

The letter also came with 100 dollars as well.

Twitter | kayla buckmaster

As good as 100 bucks is, the note was worth far more to Kayla. The section of the note that is visible reads in part:

"Dear Kayla, our beautiful red-headed granddaughter. You were our second granddaughter born to our youngest son. You were so much fun. You always amazed us until you couldn't... like putting together... the U.S... you were... us where... lived... loved."

Despite dying when Kayla was only young, Kayla has fond memories of her grandmother.

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In an interview with FreshU, Kayla talked about the memories she has of her grandmother:

"She made all my birthday cakes, took me everywhere she went, and was the best grandma ever. She had the kindest heart and was always willing to help anybody in need. She taught me so many things like every single state and their capital by the age of 3. Every holiday was spent by her side, but she unfortunately passed away from a brain tumor when I was four."

The image quickly went viral, leaving people crying across the web.

Since being posted, the tweet has received over 75, 000 retweets, and 400, 000 likes!

It's hard to see how this wouldn't go viral, it's both wholesome and heartbreaking, put a cute cat in there somewhere and that's the a surefire hit!

People were quick too share their love for the touching gesture.

Along with various crying gifs, other responses came in the forms of:

"Thanks for sharing: heartbreaking, yet very heartwarming. Best wishes!"

"I'm actually crying..this is so lovely"

"Geez. This brought tears to my eyes. There's nothing like the world-wise guidance of a woman who loves us with all her heart."

Hopefully Kayla will cherish this letter for the rest of her life.

Kayla also teared up when she read the letter, as she explained it was a complete shock:

"It was a total surprise. I got a text from my dad that said he had a present for me when I was at my grad night and the next morning, he came in my room and handed it to me and I had no clue what it was. I started crying, and it was super exciting and emotional."

Hopefully, this letter will serve as a constant reminder of her grandmother's love.

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