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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Sandra Bullock While Wishing Betty White 'Happy Birthday'

Oh, is there anything more awesome than when celebrities interact with each other?

Alright well yes, there are maybe one or two things more awesome than that, but I mean come on!

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds wishing Betty White a Happy Birthday? It is pure gold!

Betty White turns 98 today.

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That's right, the star is not only alive and kicking but coming up on a century of living.

And celebrities everywhere have been wishing the Golden Girl a very happy birthday.

Two of those celebrities include...

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America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock and Canada's national treasure Ryan Reynolds.

The two actually know each other (the starred together in The Proposal) and judging based on this video, have a friendship of sorts.

You see, Sandra Bullock must've tried to make a regular ol' "singing happy birthday to Betty White" video.

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You know, that old chestnut.

Little did she know that the master of trolling, Ryan "The Troll" Reynolds, was just around the corner, ready to strike.

Using Sandra's video he made one of his own.

Here's the clip:

And you know, if you've ever seen a Ryan Reynolds clip than you probably know what to expect.

Some dryness, some sarcasm and, of course, a barrel of belly laughs.