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Cat Who Lost Her Ears To Infection Gets Stylish Crocheted Pair To Replace Them

Everyone knows a cat's calling card is its iconic, unmistakable, adorably triangular-shaped ears.

Think about it. When you draw a cat, you add pointy ears so everyone knows it's a cat and definitely not a dog; when you inevitably dress up as a cat for Halloween in college (hey, we've all been there), a pair of kitty ears is all you need for everyone to somehow know exactly what you're trying to be.

The ears truly maketh the cat. But what happens when a cat doesn't have any ears? What maketh the cat then?

One such furry feline suddenly found herself without her ears after suffering from chronic infections.

Facebook | Dane County Humane Society

Known at the Dane County Humane Society as Lady in a Fur Coat (or Lady for short), she first arrived at the Wisconsin-based shelter as a stray last December.

Shortly after she was taken in, shelter staff realized just how serious her infections really were. In fact, they were so serious that Lady had to have her precious ear flaps removed completely.

Although she was now tragically ear-less, Lady didn't let that stop her from proving just how sweet of a cat she really was.

In a recent Facebook post, shelter staff remarked on how loving Lady is, writing that she loves giving "happy head bumps" to everyone she meets.

As for her missing ears, someone at the shelter was more than happy to lend a helping, and crafty, hand.

Facebook | Dane County Humane Society

Staff member Ash Collins expertly crafted a pair of purple ears for Lady to wear, giving her just the sort of stylish sass this fur baby has been missing.

In a Facebook post debuting Lady's new look, the DCHS encouraged people to come and meet this little cutie who definitely deserves a home after all she's been through.

People were understandably moved by Lady's story and her crocheted ears, and it's safe to say she melted *plenty* of hearts.

Clearly, her stylish new ears were exactly what this poor kitty had been missing, because less than 24 hours after the post went up, the shelter happily reported that Lady has found her furever home!

h/t: Facebook | Dane County Humane Society