Everyday Things We've Been Doing Wrong For Far Too Long

I love trying new hacks and different tricks for surviving life. There are so many things I swear I've been doing wrong my entire life, especially when there is a much easier way to do them.

I'm excited to share some of these hacks and tricks with you! You never know when you've been messing up something totally easy all along. So, let's get started, yeah?!

There is something really nice about having perfectly folded clothes all the time.

To be honest, even with this ninja folding technique, I'd probably still shove all my clothes into the drawers without thinking twice about it. Still, I guess it's good to know!

If you're always worried that some no-good person is going to try and steal your registration sticker, this is the solution!

Reddit | Prophesied1

Use a knife to slice a bunch of cuts into the sticker and no one will be able to peel that baby off!

If you're not freezing your chilli and soups in muffin tins, then why are you even making them at all?!

Reddit | Right_Ahn

But, all jokes aside, this is definitely a really smart way to freeze leftovers so they are perfectly portioned and easy to reheat.

Okay, not only is this incredibly satisfying, it's actually the properway of removing a Command strip.

Even though I know this is how it's supposed to be done, I can never seem to do it right. I guess I'll give it another try and hope it's as satisfying as this.

I don't carry much change, so whenever I see one of these carts, I cringe a little inside.

Reddit | whampbeef

I've gained quite the muscle carrying a grocery basket on my arm because I didn't have a coin to put in the cart.

It's not often I buy myself a Slurpee, but next time I do I will 100% be doing it this way.

Reddit | Reddit

I mean, those things aren't the cheapest drinks in the world. Might as well get your money's worth!

Did you know that most electric stoves lift up so you can clean underneath?

Reddit | 5p33dl3

If you didn't know this, I dare you to take a look under the hood. It might scare you!

I learned about this hard boiled egg hack and had to give it a try.

And trust me when I say I had definitely been peeling eggs wrong this whole time. Want to know more? Check out my egg hacks to see how it's done!

If your cords are always fraying, do something about it, darn it!

Reddit | RockMcEchets

You can use the spring from a cheap pen to help keep those pesky cords from breaking apart.

Okay, so we went over how to fold clothes, but what about wrapping a gift?

The only time I ever actually wrap gifts is at Christmas because I love the look of them under the tree. I'll definitely be giving this Japanese technique a shot.

Is your straw always falling into your can of soda?!

Reddit | RyanFBaby

Those tabs are useful for more than just opening the can. You can thread your straw through the hole, too!

Got vending machine problems?!

Reddit | pariah13

I hate when a self-serve checkout or vending machine won't take the only bill I've got on hand. Apparently, folding it horizontally can help!

Worried about someone using your signature to steal your identity?

Reddit | [deleted]

Add a little symbol or special flourish to your signature that people wouldn't think to replicate. That's kind of smart!

Okay, this one is for the lazy people in the back who also hate cooking for one.

Reddit | accordingtoben

Ever notice how the salad bars at grocery stores have perfectly chopped veggies? Grab a container of those for a couple of bucks to make your next omelette.

If you've got a ceiling fan and haven't installed these amazing knobs, then what are you doing?!

Reddit | Rallo69

No more pulling on each cord to see which one is "lights on" and which one is "ceiling fan move."

If you hate trying to bring in all of your groceries with them looped around your arms, keep a laundry basket in your car.

Reddit | mighty-kites

In theory this is great, but I can never remember to bring reusable bags down to the car with me, let alone a grocery basket.

You see that flat part of a bottle opener?

Reddit | Piyh

Turns out, you can slide it under the tab of a can and use it to open it without breaking a nail. Kind of makes sense now that I think about it!

If you aren't taking the filter out of your air conditioner to clean it, you're actually losing money.

Reddit | reddan

Air conditioners eat up a lot of hydro, but if you clean or replace the filter you'll likely save some $$$.

Some people like hard cookies, but I'm definitely a sucker for a soft and gooey center.

Reddit | [deleted]

The way to keep your cookies from going hard is to add a piece of bread to the container you store them in!

If this hack is true, I'm going to be trying it every single time.

Reddit | [deleted]

Apparently, if you fold raffle tickets, you'll increase your chances of winning because you've increased the surface volume. I know I'm more likely to pick a folded piece instead of a flat one!

Speaking of making things easier to pour, I am also not very good at pouring muffins into trays.

Reddit | oscorn

This suggestion to use a blender to pour them into the cups perfectly is actually genius.

This hack, while risky, can definitely come in handy.

Reddit | 100resmarties

Although now I'm a bit worried that gym thieves everywhere are going to be checking locks for combinations written on clear tape now.

No table? No problem!

Reddit | that_purple_ek

As long as you have one of these cars with a fin-thing on its rear, you can enjoy your soup without any spillage. I wouldn't suggest just hopping up on any random car to eat, though. Please reserve this hack for your own vehicles.

Do you have an old rake collecting dust in your garage?

Reddit | [user deleted]

Why not simply fashion it into a fancy, rustic-style wine glass holder? It goes perfectly with any farmhouse decor, and it seems to work remarkably well! We love a good recycle life-hack!

Speaking of wine...

Pinterest | Shawn Gentry

Look how gorgeous these thrifted bottles look as lights. Don't just throw away your empties! Turn them into something beautiful!

I don't own any CD's anymore, but I definitely own bagels.

Reddit | mysonmarkruffalo

And as it turns out, CD holders make great bagel containers! Look at how perfectly that glorious sandwich fits in there. It's like it was meant to be.

Your kids' cribs can have dual use once they've grown out of them.

Reddit | alittlelearningfortwo

Sure, they're great for holding sleeping tots. But when it's time to move onto a big kid bed, their old cribs can be transformed into a super cool table!

Don't just throw boxes of beer into your fridge.


If you do it this way, you can really save space, plus then you won't have to shove your arm inside a cardboard box every time you want a drink. This works with soda boxes too!

Let your plants grow inside your window frame.

Reddit | Oasisque

That way, you end up some some natural curtains that will keep the sun out while keeping your greenery happy and healthy.

Takeout drinks actually come with a built-in coaster.

Reddit | BEERT3K

Simply take the plastic lid off and place it underneath your cup. Now you won't risk the condensation making any ugly rings on your nice furniture.

It's no secret that drinks like beer take FOREVER to chill in the fridge.


So speed up the process a little by wrapping them in a damp paper towel, and then sticking them in the freezer. Your night of drinking just got a whole lot cooler, my friend!

Oh, and here's another fancy freezer hack for you.

Reddit | CorbinMontego

If you want to avoid rock-solid, totally frozen ice cream that's nearly impossible to scoop, store the container in a freezer-safe plastic bag. That way, you sweet treat will be smooth and much easier to serve!

Anyone fancy a delicous cupcake sandwich?

MyFridgeFood | Nick

This genius way of eating cupcakes will stop you from getting frosting all over your face, and will also make it a much more evenly-distributed cupcake eating experience.

If you just cross out a message, it's still legible.

Reddit | yourmom46

So, scribble it out instead. It makes it way harder to read, so whatever you didn't want anyone to see will go totally unseen.

Ever get sick of your burger toppings falling out?

YouTube | Foodbeast

Same. That's why I eat my burger like this, with my pinkies and thumbs supporting the base of the burger and keeping everything right where it should be: inside the buns!

Keep your Oreo cookies safe from plunging to the bottom of your glass!

Instagram | @twelve_point

If you use a fork, you won't accidentally drop your cookie into the milk, so no more soggy treats for you!

Your juice box actually comes with handles.


Kids are prone to dropping things, but these will help them keep their juice box right where they want it: in their hands!

Fitted bed sheets might be the bane of my existence. 

Reddit | magic5950

Not only can I never seem to fold one, they also never seem to stay on my bed. Apparently, suspenders are the solution to this!

I have really bad hand-eye coordination so it's not uncommon for me to spill anti-freeze all over the place when refilling my car.

Reddit | Tron_Lives

Apparently, poking the holes like this can help with air flow, making it much easier to pour. Hallelujah!

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