Painter Uses The Natural Shape Of Stones To Transform Them Into Realistic Animals

I'm constantly amazed by the sheer creativity and ingenuity of some artists out there who are able to create incredible works of art out of ordinary objects.

Take this artist, for example. If you can believe it she actually transforms regular rocks into something truly spectacular. She's been painting stones to look just like animals and you won't believe your eyes when you see her work. See for yourself.

A Japanese artist named Akie Nakata uses her delicate brush strokes to paint the most incredible and life-like animals such as cats, dogs, bears, owls, and hedgehogs, on plain stones.

I had to do a double-take when I saw these!

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Nakata leaves the stones just as she finds them and doesn't carve any of the shapes.

Instead, she uses the natural shape of the stone to make her animal creatures.

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OMG, how cute is this?

This little doggie was painted on a naturally-shaped stone and I gotta say, the shape totally complements this final product. Don't you think?

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What makes her animal rocks stand out is their life-like eyes that seem like they're looking straight at you.

No wonder you want to take them all home. Ha, ha!

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I can't get over how realistic her animal creations look.

I mean just look at this hamster. Doesn't she look like she's totally real? Wow, you could've fooled me.

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If you follow her on her Instagram page you'd be able to see some of her creative processes.

First, she creates an outline and then she fills the color in.

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Now, look at the finished product.

Isn't that absolutely amazing? I'm totally obsessed with this mom and baby giraffe duo. I want to have this piece so bad!

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I'm absolutely blown away by the amount of detail present in Nakata's pieces.

This dog's fur looks so realistic, I feel like I can touch it. Wow, so impressive.

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Nakata has been perfecting her painting technique for years.

This is a perfect example of where her skills were in 2013 and how much they have improved since. Simply fantastic.

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Some of her pieces don't cover the entire rock but instead, they appear as if they're crawling on it just like this octopus.

I totally dig this one.

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If you always wanted a cat but can't exactly get one, this pet rock just might be the next best thing.

Who can resist this sweet face? Not me. Ha, ha!

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My uncle used to raise rabbits and I remember playing with them as a child.

So this adorable piece brings back so many good childhood memories for me.

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I wonder how Nakata came up with this unique idea of painting creatures on stones.

That is definitely something I've never seen before so I give her props for creativity.

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If you happen to go to Japan you may be able to catch one of Nakata's exhibits there.

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Or you can also buy her creations from her Facebook page.

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