8+ Halloween DIYs We've Put A Pin In For Later

I don't know about you, but my Halloween board on Pinterest is overflowing with ideas. And even though I know there's no way I'll ever have time to get to all of them, I continue to add more projects to my board whenever something catches my eye.

Even if your Halloween DIY board is about to burst at the seams from all of the projects you've pinned over the years, don't let that stop you from enjoying and taking inspiration from the collection of ideas below.

1. DIY Spider Web Wreath

Twitchetts | Twitchetts

Every Halloween design plan needs at least one wreath thrown into the mix, and I think this spider web creation by Twitchetts is the perfect candidate.

Obviously, the frame for this wreath is made out of twigs, but the actual web was formed using homemade t-shirt yarn!

Twitchetts | Twitchetts

I can definitely see myself giving this DIY a shot. I absolutely love how it looks on this front door.

2. DIY Foam Pumpkin Porch Ghoul

Hometalk | James@TheCavenderDiary

If you really want to give the kiddos on your street the fright of their life, put one of these terrifying creatures on your front porch!

James of The Cavender Diary used a craft pumpkin and a whole lot of cheesecloth to put this thing together, and it turned out amazing.

Hometalk | James@TheCavenderDiary

To be honest, I think it just might be freaky enough to scare even the bravest of adults.

3. DIY Candy Corn Candles

eHow | Jonathan Fong

Candy corn may not be the most delicious treat you can hand out on Halloween, but they sure are pretty to look at, which means they're the perfect bit of inspiration for festive crafts.

Take these adorable candy corn candles created by Jonathan Fong over on eHow as an example.

eHow | Jonathan Fong

Don't they look good enough to eat? Let's be real, these candles probably taste better than actual candy corn.

4. DIY Mummy Halloween Treat Cups

Aimee Geroux | Aimee Geroux

Whether you're a teacher or are planning on hosting some sort of Halloween party, a small gesture, like a treat cup made to look like a mummy, can go a long way.

You can easily create a large batch of these with one quick stop at the dollar store — it doesn't get easier than that!

Aimee Geroux | Aimee Geroux

For a complete list of materials and instructions, head over to Aimee Geroux's blog and check out her tutorial.

5. DIY Spider Web Mason Jars

Momdot | Momdot

Mason jars are a crafting material that can be used in any number of ways, which means if you're a dedicated crafter, you should have at least one case of them on hand at all times.

Momdot decided to create spider-covered luminaries using standard mason jars and a hot glue gun.

Momdot | Momdot

Plop an LED tealight in there and you have yourself the perfect decorative accent for your Halloween setup.

6. DIY Chicken Wire Ghost

eHow | Jessica Begum

This chicken wire ghost has always been one of my favorite Halloween ideas, and one of these days, I swear I'm going to give it a try.

If you're up for the challenge, head over to eHow and check out Jessica Begum's awesome tutorial. 

eHow | Jessica Begum

Just imagine how amazing one of these would look in your front yard!

7. DIY Palmistry Sign

The Witch At One And Seventy | The Witch At One And Seventy

You may see a discounted yacht club sign, but Sue, aka The Witch At One And Seventy, saw the perfect opportunity to make an antiqued sign for her Halloween tablescape.

All she did was design a palmistry poster using Photoshop, and covered it with tea to create that perfectly aged look.

The Witch At One and Seventy | The Witch At One and Seventy

Sue then used Mod Podge to adhere her poster to the yacht club sign before putting it on display.

8. DIY Concrete Halloween Candy Bowl

Hometalk | Mother Daughter Projects

Instead of using flimsy dollar store bowls to serve up candy to trick-or-treaters this year, use them to make something a bit more sturdy and reliable.

Mother Daughter Projects used a batch of Quikrete and things like plastic vampire fangs and hot glue to create this one-of-a-kind candy bowl for their front porch. 

Hometalk | Mother Daughter Projects

To see it come together from start to finish, head over to Hometalk for the full tutorial.

9. DIY Concrete Tombstone

Do It Yourself Fun Ideas | Do It Yourself Fun Ideas

Is there anything creepier than a cemetery late at night? It doesn't even have to be Halloween for me to be freaked out by them! And that means filling your front yard with a collection of tombstones is a surefire way to terrify everyone on your street.

Do It Yourself Fun Ideas put together an easy-to-follow tutorial outlining how to make tombstones out of cement and a cookie sheet. 

Do It Yourself Fun Ideas | Do It Yourself Fun Ideas

For all the crafty details, hit up the blog and pin their tutorial for later.

10. DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Treat Pumpkin

My Sister's Suitcase | My Sister's Suitcase

Craft pumpkins are the perfect alternative if you don't want to get your hands covered in seeds and guck while carving. And just like actual pumpkins, they're incredibly versatile.

The crafty minds behind My Sister's Suitcase decided to turn one of their craft pumpkins into a treat jar, and I think the result is awesome.

My Sister's Suitcase | My Sister's Suitcase

All they used for this fun project is glow-in-the-dark vinyl and a paring knife.

11. DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Hanging Ghosts

Hometalk | Brandy @ BD Design Blog

Fill that sad, empty tree in your front yard with spooktacular glow-in-the-dark ghosts using simple materials like cheesecloth and Mod Podge. Trust me, a few of these guys will amp up your home's spook factor in a snap.

Hometalker Brandy, the creative mind behind BD Design Blog, used wooden skewers, foam craft balls, and green florist foam as the framework for her creations. 

Hometalk | Brandy @ BD Design Blog

She then soaked pieces of cheesecloth in glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge and draped it over the foam balls, creating a perfect, ghostly shape.

12. DIY Halloween Tree

Doodlecraft | Doodlecraft

I think we can all agree that the best part about Christmas is putting up and decorating the tree. And since it's such a fun and awesome thing to do, why not branch out and keep that tradition going for other holidays?

Doodlecraft did just that and was able to turn a blue Christmas tree into an amazing, show-stopping piece for Halloween.

Doodlecraft | Doodlecraft

To decorate, things like plastic skulls, black mesh, and a chain garland were used to give an ordinary tree an extraordinary makeover.