Get Ready For A Vintage-Inspired Valentine's Day With Pink Ceramic Trees

It always sucks to take down Christmas decor after the holidays have ended, doesn't it? All that build up of Christmas cheer, and then to have it end so suddenly? No wonder why people are putting their decorations up earlier and earlier each year — they want to cherish the spirit forever!

Now you don't have to take down your decor, because you can repurpose it to complement the next holiday: Valentine's Day.

This will work swimmingly if your Christmas decor vibe is more on the pink side.

Mid-century ceramic trees had a revival of sorts in the late 2010s.

Like most things that go out of style, they come back with vengeance and fury after having been locked up for so many years.

Pink ceramic trees are the perfect way to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with a Valentine's Day twist.


If you have one lying around, then you're all set!

But if you don't, you can always look to Etsy to hook it up.

Walmart is also still selling theirs online for $25.99.

Instead of the regular bulbs, you can switch them out for super cute bows.


These ones are from Amazon.

So, what do you think about this trend of transforming traditional Christmas decor into other seasonal pieces?

Let us know in the comments!

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