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Ditch The Charcuterie Board For A Loaded French Fries Board At Your Next Soirée

People love a good charcuterie board. No matter the time of day, smörgåsbord boards —as I like to call them— never let you down. They're loaded with protein, carbs, fats, fruits, veggies — they've got all your daily dietary needs!

Most importantly, they're truly works of art and deserve an exhibit in the MoMa or duct taped to the wall.

The next charcuterie board trend is 150% worth framing, but we're certain it will be gobbled up before you can bring it to Michaels.

Sure, meats, cheeses, crackers, grapes, and olives are cool, but have you SEEN a french fries board?!

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No disrespect Jaden, but french fries boards are the real icons living.

Isn't she a beaut?

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Crinkle cut, wedges, waffle, sweet potato, tater tots, string — oh M-Y.

Having a fries board at your next soirée is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser — I don't know one soul who doesn't like at least one kind of fry, and I don't ever want to know a fry hater.

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Don't even get me started on the dips. Ranch, aioli, sriracha ketchup, garlic mayo, creamy avocado, gravy, and queso would make beautiful board companions.

You could even make it a loaded fries board and add some diced tomatoes, onions, ground beef, sour cream, and jalapeños to make it nacho-inspired. Or how about gravy and cheese curds for some major poutine moves?

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I know what my fry-day plans are! How about you?

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