Leaked Photos Reveal Kit Harington's New Look In Upcoming Marvel Film

Well, we've been waiting for these ever since this movie was announced!

And now look, we get to see what Kit Harrington is going to look like in that new Marvel movie he's in!

I'm so excited, I can hardly contain it! Well, what are we waiting for, folks? Let's do it!

2019 was a great year for Marvel...


Let's see, they broke new ground with Captain Marvel (if you disregard DC, and frankly, who doesn't?) and oh yeah, they made all the money in the world with Avengers: Endgame.

But 2019 was also a year of great loss for them.


They lost two of their most marketable stars.

Chris Evans as Captain America, and of course, losing Tony Stark in the MCU. RDJ is stepping down and allowing new members to rise up.

So now they're in a bit of a pickle...


While they still have a couple of people on the boat, they need to find some new, fresh faces to keep the cinematic universe coming.

And that, dear readers, is because...

Phase 4 of the MCU is on the way.


It will be a time where a lot of decisions have to be made by not only Disney, but we as a public.

Are we willing to have another 10 years of this?

Or will superhero movies, like many genres before them, go to a fiery grave?


Disney's other big moneymaker, Star Wars, took a pretty big hit after The Last Jedi, before making a comeback with The Rise of Skywalker.

Hopefully, Marvel doesn't make any mistakes.

We've got some interesting entries into the MCU for phase 4.


We've got that Dr. Strange sequel that's supposed to be a horror, we've got some MCU TV shows coming to Disney+...

And of course, a movie that people are really looking forward to: 'The Eternals.'

Marvel Comics

A movie about beings who have existed since the beginning of time and have helped guide humanity since it began.

It's got a crazy good cast...

Flickr | Gage Skidmore

We get to see Angelina Jolie be badass and we will probably get to see Kumail Nanjiani be hilarious.

Plus, we'll see Salma Hayek as the leader of the Eternals!

But since what is now being called "the Infinity Saga" is over, Marvel has to do the impossible:


Find an actor who people want to watch as much as they want to see Robert Downey Jr.

Which they thankfully found, thanks to the casting of Kit Harington.

Thanks to the casting of Kit Harington, we will actually be getting a 'Game of Thrones' reunion!


Oh yes. We already know that Kit Harrington is going to be in the movie, but did you know that Richard Madden is going to be in it as well?

Game Of Thrones fans are stoked!

Kit Harington will be playing a character who goes by Black Knight.


In the comics, he joins the Avengers in hopes to bring honor back to the name 'Black Knight,' which was used as a supervillain name by those who came before him.

Does he have any cool powers?


He sure does!

He can see through magical abilities, he's a master swordsman, he's really good at horseback riding, and he's got proficiency in a bunch of sciences.

He wields "The Ebony Blade."


Which is an ancient indestructible blade that can do a bunch of cool stuff, like cut through anything, deflect anything (if at the right angle), and it can also cut through magic stuff.

But, considering most casual fans have likely never heard of Black Knight, they might take liberties with the character.


And if we're lucky, maybe there will be a Jon Snow reference somewhere in the movie.

And now, we finally have an inside look to his character in the film.

He looks like he's going to be an incredibly fashionable gentleman!

Or maybe that's what he wants us to think.

So when can you see it?

Well, The Eternals is set to come out on November 6, 2020. So, there's still a whole year, but there will be lots of Marvel stuff in the meantime!

Are you excited to see Harington in The Eternals? Let us know below in the comments!