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Skip The Box Of Chocolates, Target Is Selling A Chocolate Avocado For Valentine's Day

Nothing says love like a box of chocolates, at least that's what Valentine's Day tradition has us all believing.

Do you know what's even better than receiving a box of chocolates, though? A giant white chocolate avocado with a cute little milk chocolate heart pit.

If you think that's impossible, you're wrong. It's very much possible because Target exists.

Instagram | @targetdoesitagain

Instagrammer @targetdoesitgain spotted the white and milk chocolate avocados recently at Target.

The whole thing is guaranteed for a major Valentine's Day win.

Everyone loves avocados, especially Millennials.


If you're one of those people trying to pretend you don't like them, they're chocolate, so you can't hate them.

And if you don't like avocados or chocolate, then you've just upset me.

Everyone also loves puns, and this "Let's Avo-Cuddle" one does not disappoint.


Avocado, chocolate, pun — what more do you really need in a Valentine's Day chocolate? It's really the whole package!

In an ideal scenario, your partner will quip, "It's an avocado. Thaaaaaaaanks!" after receiving said avocado chocolate.

Find it for $5.99 at Target.

Target truly does have it all.

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