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16+ Memes For Anyone Who's Ever Suffered Through A Customer Service Job

If you've never worked a customer service job in your life, kindly leave the chat because these memes are not for you.

The rest of us know what it's like to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning and join our bleary-eyed coworkers to spend another day tolerating the utter nonsense that gets fired at customer service workers from every direction possible.

Maybe you did your time in the CS world and have come out stronger on the other side; maybe you're still down in the trenches and you need something to help remind you that you're never alone. Whatever the case, here are some of the best customer service memes the internet has to offer.

Hey, if we didn't laugh, we'd cry, right?

You don't want this.

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The worst mistake I ever made was when I decided it would be "fun" to work at my favorite retail store, only to soon find out that a 25 percent discount doesn't make up for the joyless hours spent folding sweaters and asking people if they need a different size.

Don't be suspicious.

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The minute you see your manager coming in, you find something to do and you find it fast because you definitely don't want to get caught empty-handed.

Every time.

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Time simply doesn't exist when you work in customer service. Is it 8 AM or 4 PM? Is the sun up or down? You'll never know.


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You've never seen a woman's face change as quickly as the moment you tell her she's not getting 50 cents off that jug laundry soap.

How dare you ask me to do my job?

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Working in customer service means perfecting your "how can I help you" smile while simultaneously learning how to suppress your instinctive "please don't talk to me" scowl.

Get ready to throw some elbows.

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When I worked at a place that forced me to wear a uniform, and therefore made me easily identifiable to customers, I learned to always bring a sweater and throw that ish on the second I clock out.

It's like an invisibility cloak.

I'm trying to make a *sale* here.

Oh, my mistake, I guess I forgot you were the expert. Do you want my uniform and my paycheck while you're at it?

"Oh that's right, I make nothing."

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Minimum wage doesn't care how much time and effort you spend every day dealing with the Karens of the world. Here's your baby paycheck; don't spend it all at once.

Test those waters first, sis.

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By asking what they're up to tomorrow, you're finding out if their schedule is clear before you throw out the "Can you take my shift" because then they can't ramble off some halfhearted excuse.

It's evil, but it works.

I stopped politely laughing at this joke after the first time I heard it.

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It's not funny, it was never funny, and I would love it if the middle-aged men of the world could all stop pretending it's a knee-slapper.

No, I'm lying.

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Believe it or not, "the back" is not an infinite expanse of space where we keep all the products we don't put out front for you to see.

Spontaneous blindness is a serious problem in grocery stores.

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I remember one day while I was working at a grocery store, there was this woman who could not find marshmallow fluff, despite my simple directions. I sent her down the same aisle four times before I finally figured out she was going down aisle 6 instead of aisle 3.

For some reason, she never questioned the fact I was directing to the aisle with all the cleaning products and tin foil to find her marshmallow fluff.

Awfully bold of you to ask.

How do I look, sir? Do I look like I'm having a good time here? Let's just save ourselves the tears and make our forced interaction as quick and as painless for me as possible, thank you.

That's not what it's there for.

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I'm of the belief that my name tag is to let you know who you were dealing with so when you tell your manager some super helpful girl working in the women's department should get a raise, you'll know to say my name.

It is not so you can call me by name while you harass me about sale prices.

Smells like freedom.

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This is especially glorious after working an opening shift when you came in before sunrise and now get to leave feeling that beautiful warmth on your face.

Something like that can just melt all your worries away.


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As offended by your empty threat as I truly am, I think it's safe to say I'll get over it.

See you next week when you actually do come back.

You knew who he was as soon as you saw him.

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This guy once saw me sweeping the floors at closing time and spent twenty minutes bothering me about how he didn't know "Cinderella" worked here before asking if I have plans after work.

Outwardly concerned, inwardly over it.

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Whenever a customer started complaining to me, I only really ever listened to the start of their rant and the end of it because I learned from experience that all that crap in the middle was just pointless fluff.

So I just put on an interested face, nodded my head, and thought about that episode of Gossip Girl from last night.

A not-so-holy chorus of Karens.

The next verse would probably sound something like:

"Can you check the baaaaack

I saw it here last weeeeeek"

It is a truth, universally aknowledged, that the customer is almost never right.

My advice? Tune them out while they're yelling at you and pretend you're on a beach somewhere warm because that's the only way you're ever going to get through this 8-5 shift, sis.