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Madame Tussauds Reveals New Wax Figure Of Nicki Minaj And Twitter Is Not Happy

It must be an honor to have a wax figure replica made of you by the legendary Madame Tussauds — only the most iconic celebrities get to grace the halls of the famous wax museum, after all.

Sometimes, though, the figures themselves don't turn out exactly the way you might imagine them.

The museum revealed their wax figure for the queen of rap, Nicki Minaj, styled after her appearance in the music video for her song 'Anaconda.'

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Immediately, fans began tweeting that the figure did not have a very strong resemblance to Nicki herself, and from there it quickly went viral.

"If I were an artist, I would have not shown it until it was perfect," tweeted one fan.

It wasn't just her fans who were upset. One Twitter user wrote, "I can’t stand Nicki... but that wax figure was straight disrespectful."

"Why does that Nicki Minaj wax figure have the face of Joanna Gaines from HGTV?" asked one fan.

"If these media outlets don’t stop posting that ugly ass wax figure of nicki I will actually scream into the abyss," one fan wrote.


"That wax sculpture really can’t hold a candle to the real Nicki."

"Pretty sure that Nicki Minaj wax figure actually looks like Kourtney Kardashian," speculated one fan, and honestly, it kind of does! Maybe a Kourtney-Joanna Gaines hybrid?

One thing is for sure, though. These fans definitely don't want none of this figure.

The Kourtney Kardashian comparison isn't wrong.

Someone made a side-by-side comparison of the wax figure and a picture of Kourt with a similar high ponytail, and it's honestly a pretty dramatic comparison.

People had a lot of jokes.

Some people implied whoever had made the statue in the first place had never seen Nicki Minaj — or maybe that they couldn't see at all.

Others had suggestions for what may have been more iconic looks for a wax figure.

Maybe the wax figure would look more like Nicki Minaj if it was wearing a bright bubblegum pink wig! That's pretty unmistakable.

Some people were reminded about a different kind of statue.

This bronze statue was meant to be of Cristiano Ronaldo, but it doesn't... quite hit the mark.

Madame Tussauds has been having a not-so-great news week lately.

Their response to the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were deciding to step back from their royal duties and as members of the royal family was not well-received.

Their response was to remove Meghan and Harry's wax figures from the same location as the rest of the royals.

One user wrote, "This is why they're leaving. Britain is just beyond disgusting now. We are also aware of your history with the monarchy, so it's clear that this is a snub to the couple."

The account followed this up with a second tweet clarifying what they meant, but to some, the damage was done.

"Whoever is tweeting behind this account is doing a massive disservice to the formally respected institution that is @MadameTussauds. This does not represent the views of London," replied one user.