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Taco Bell's Popular Nacho Cheese Fries Are Officially Returning With A New 'Flavor Innovation'

Don't you just hate it when fast food restaurants release limited edition items? These items are usually far better than their main menu items, and by the time we've gotten used to them being in our lives, they've vanished into the vault where all good things lay.

Taco Bell's vault has officially opened to reveal the comeback of a fan favorite.

Taco Bell

According to food news sources like Delish and Thrillest, Taco Bell's Nacho Fries are returning.

If you're not familiar with the limited edition menu item, they're seasoned fries with a side of Taco Bell's famous nacho cheese.

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YouTube food reviewer Peep THIS Out likened the spice to Lowry's seasoning salt with some with sweetness.

The 2020 edition of the fries has a little extra somethin' somethin', however.

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According to a press release, the fries will sport an "all-new flavor innovation that’s sure to receive critical and fan acclaim."

Taco Bell is being that friend who goes, "I have something to tell you, but I can't." THE WORST.

Regardless of their elusiveness, I am confident that plenty of people will be lining up when the fries launch on January 30.

What do you think the "all-new flavor innovation" could be?

Let us know!

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