Netflix's 'The Witcher' Showrunner Reveals Part Of The Season 2 Plot

Wow! Season 1 has barely been out for a month and already we're getting spoilers! Well, sign me up, I can't wait to see what's going to happen in Season 2...

And I bet neither can you guys! So what are we waiting for?! Let's grab our weird yellow contacts and dive into the world of The Witcher.

Right now, we don't have an official date of return for 'The Witcher' season 2.

But that doesn't mean that we can stop speculating about what will happen, and looking for news that gives away even the tiniest of spoilers.

Considering that the show is set to release in 2021, we can assume it'll be sometime in the back half of the year.

Production is only meant to start in 2020, and considering all the time and location shoots that have to be accounted for, we are likely looking at another December release.

What do we know for sure?


Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, and Freya Allan are all returning for season two.

This was not a surprise to anyone who finished season one, or even read the books.

But there is no confirmation of anyone else just yet.


Hopefully, we have some more CGI monsters that go toe to toe with Geralt.

And most importantly, we're really hoping that we see more of the hilarious friendship of Geralt and Jaskier.

In terms of the plot, there is actually quite a bit we do know thanks to the showrunner and executive producer.

Season one was a bit more original in the tale, according to executive producer Tomek Baginski.

"Actually the books were a lot more source material than we could fit into eight episodes. So we have to really be very, very careful with choosing which stories we want to tell."

So this means that season 2 will likely follow that same journey.


While it will take moments and stories direct from the books, the show will not be afraid to also be a little original in their storytelling.

Recently, the showrunner of 'The Witcher', Lauren S. Hissrich, went on Reddit the other day to talk about...


The current geopolitical situation of the world and what can be done to change things before it's too late.

No just kidding, she talked about The Witcher. And, all the things that might be coming for Season 2.

When asked about monsters and Witchers going extinct she replied:


"Season one spans about thirty years for Geralt, so monsters aren’t going extinct that whole time. But it’s something we delve into a lot more (in both cases) in season two."

Well, looks like Season 2 might follow the books a little more. She also talked about the hatred going around in the series.


"It’s said a lot in the beginning of the books (and our series) that humans hate the Witchers, but also need them," she wrote. "That’s the rub. Needing what you hate."

"We needed the hatred in the series, to understand why our hero was an outsider."


"So we made the choice to keep the monsters more present for these thirty years."

So season 2 will give us context behind the dying of the monsters and Witchers.

In another interview, Hissrich also said this about the plot of season 2:


"What I would say is that season 1 is very much about building blocks. It's about constructing the world, and setting up these characters, and putting them on paths, and knocking those dominoes over."

"When you get to season 2, all of those things start to come to play, which is that characters start meeting each other – sometimes getting along, sometimes not."


"All those things that we set up – Geralt and Yennefer; Geralt and Ciri; Yennefer and Ciri; all of the different kingdoms that you just barely hear about in season one, start rising to the surface in season 2."

"Right now it's just about, 'How do you set up stories that really capture audiences for years at a time?'"


"The worst thing we could do is put all of our energies just into season one, and not be thinking about where these characters can grow to." she said.

So judging from everything that is being said, season 2 is going to be a lot more intense for fans.


"So the storytelling is a little more intense in a way, and maybe a little more focused and driven in the journeys that we're telling in season 2."

So, now that you've read everything we know about the second season of 'The Witcher', we have a few questions.


What do you think will happen in season 2? What are you hoping to see?

Do you have any fan theories? If you do, let us know what they are below in the comments!