Netflix's 'Ozark' Season 3 Premieres March 27th

Now that 2020 is here, fans are looking forward to all the movies and tv shows that are coming to Netflix throughout the year.

Ozark has recently been announced to return in just a few months! Fans are super excited about the third season!

Netflix's 'Ozark' is returning for a third season, and fans couldn't be happier about it.


In the short teaser released on Twitter, we saw a money machine shuffling $100 bills, symbols, and a poker table.

The entire thing was dark and eerie.

With that, the account also released some promo shots to get fans pumped up for the third season.


They showed the characters in prisons and hospitals, essentially telling us that the season will definitely be super dramatic.

But none of the content gives anything away, so fans will have to keep guessing on what season 3 will give to fans.


All we know is that tensions are high, and we are bound to get an amazing season.

The show returns March 27th, so mark your calendars!

What do you think will happen in season 3? Do you have any fan theories?

If you do, let us know what they are below in the comments!