11+ Uniquely Beautiful Houseplants To Add To Your Collection

Kasia Mikolajczak

Are you a plant lover? Do you scout greenhouses and search online for the most unique plants you can add to your collection? If you answered yes, then I've got a few more ideas for you to consider for your next plant baby.

These cool and unusual plants will surely add a special touch to your household and might even impress your guests.

1. Euphorbia Obesa

Since this thornless plant resembles a ball, it's often referred to as a "baseball plant." It can actually hold water in its reservoir during drought time.

2. Hoya Kerrii

This plant native to south-east Asia is also known as "Lucky Heart" for obvious reasons. FYI, in Europe, this plant is sold on Valentine's Day. So sweet.

3. Zig-Zag Cactus

This funky-looking cactus goes by the name Selenicereus Anthonyanus and comes from Mexico. It becomes even more beautiful when it blooms with pretty pink flowers.

4. Living Stones

So they're not actually stones, but plants known as Lithops, which are also called "pebble plants." These succulents disguise themselves as rocks, but they do well on sunny windowsills.

5. Dolphin Succulents

These adorable plants that resemble jumping dolphins are called Senecio Peregrinus. They maintain their animal-like appearance as they grow. They also bloom with pretty white and pink flowers.

6. Crawling Octopus

Also known as Van Balen’s Aloe. What makes this Aloe plant special is that their leaves start out green and turn orange and red with sun exposure.

7. Echeveria "Black Prince"

This slow and low-growing succulent plant produces clumps of short rosettes that grow up to three inches. It starts off green and deepens its color to black over time.

8. Spiral Grass

This native plant to Namibia and South Africa is a bulbous plant easily recognized by its unusual and ornamental curly leaves that resemble a corkscrew.

9. Pies From Heaven

This oddly-named plant actually comes all the way from Madagascar. Whoa! When it blooms, this plant will produce small and pretty greenish-yellow flowers.

10. Gentiana Urnula

This plant with layered plated leaves is native to Tibet. It's also known as "starfish succulent" because of its shape. It's actually pretty low maintenance too.

11. Indian Corn Cob

This clustering cactus with a thick, ribbed stem can actually grow up to 14 inches tall. It produces tiny reddish-orange flowers when in bloom.

12. Wine Cup Plant

The Crassula Umbella plant has been nicknamed "wine cup" because of its unique stems and leaves shaped into a round structure around the stem. How fascinating!

13. Trachyandra Tortilis

This plant that kinda resembles a pipe cleaner is native to South Africa. It's best grown indoors in a well-lit room with well-draining, sandy soil.

14. Peruvian "Old Lady Cactus"

This weird looking cactus that looks like it's been covered in spider webs can actually reach up to seven feet in height in the wild.

15. Rose Succulents

These pretty succulents earned their nickname because they basically look like roses. But they're much easier to take care of than real roses, so that's good news.

16. Echeveria ‘Mauna Loa’

Here's another cool plant that resembles a rosette, but this one comes with ruffled edges. The more sun exposure it gets, the more its color deepens.

17. Sedum Morganianum

This plant is also called "donkey tail." Don't ask me why, LOL. It's native to southern Mexico and Honduras.

18. Euphorbia Caputmedusae

This awesome plant is also called "Medusa's head" because of its serpent-like stems. It blooms with green flowers around the hub in spring and summer.

19. Crassula "Baby’s Necklace"

This hybrid plant is a cross between Crassula Perforata and Crassula Rupestris. Its leaves are small, puffy, and stacked along the stems just like a necklace.

20. Haworthia Cooperi

Oh my gosh, this plant looks just like bubbles, ha, ha. It's actually a clump of rosettes that makes this unique appearance. How pretty is this?

21. Platycerium

This is the perfect plant to grow on the side of a wall. Its funny appearance looks like animal horns and that's why it's also called "staghorn fern".

22. Euphorbia Tirucalli

This plant is often referred to as "firesticks" because of its obvious appearance. These branches can actually grow up to 25 feet tall. Wowza, that's big.

Okay seriously, if I was better at keeping plants alive, I would start a garden right now and get all of these fantastic plants.


Perhaps one day, I shall do just that.