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Spread So Much Love With A Valentine's Day Tree

If you dread and loathe taking your Christmas tree down after all the festivities of the holidays and the new year have ended, there's a new trend hitting social media that gives you a little extra time with your tree.

The recent trend I'm talking about is the Valentine's Day tree.

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It mimics the traditional decor of a Christmas tree, replacing colors of gold, green, and red with the classic colors of Valentine's Day.

The color palette of decor changes to pinks, whites, reds, and maybe some purples.

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You can find so many great inexpensive pink and white trees on Amazon.

Then, go wild with whatever sentimental-inspired decor you like!

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Fill your tree with heart ornaments and sweet quotes.

This one has some major Queen of Hearts vibes.

A Valentine's Day tree is a great excuse to keep your tree up a little while longer and spread so much love throughout your home.

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What do you think about Valentine's Day trees? Would you give one a try this year?

Let us know!