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Kelly Ripa Had The Best Reaction To Ryan Seacrest Falling Out Of His Chair On 'Live'

There's nothing better than something going wrong on live TV.

On the special 2020 episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest took a big fall out off his chair, and Kelly Ripa was there to catch him. Well, she tried, anyway.

"Live" has not been without its fumbles before.

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While interviewing Allison Janney after her big Oscar win, Kelly's shoe slipped off of her chair and scared all three of them.

They immediately burst into laughter. Man, Allison Janney really makes the world a better place.

There was the time this happened.

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There's just so much going on here, you know?

Kelly and Ryan's prompter got flipped upside down, so Ryan came up with a creative way to read it.

Points for ingenuity, and points to those pants for toughing that deep bend out.

However, 0 points were awarded to these pants.

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"Ryan Seacrest's thighs will not be ignored," Kelly said.

Ryan described those pants as "Gap Kids" pants, which...yeah, that pretty much sums that up.

I love how delighted Julianne Moore was to see Ryan Seacrest split his own pants.


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Why are all of their fumbles usually clothing related? One of the show's producers held a sign up off-camera indicating that one of Kelly's buttons had come undone, and her bra was showing.

Ryan and Kelly thought that was hilarious and stole the sign immediately.

Sure, that's where that's supposed to go.

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Ryan had one job: get the tongue depressor in Kelly's mouth.

"Do I have your permission to put this on your tongue?" He asked, hitting her right in the lip with it instead.

They also forget the name of their own show. A lot.

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While calling a viewer, Kelly said, "It's Kelly and Ryan here, um, from, uh...Kelly and Ryan Show."

Sure, that's close enough. I also love her level of comfort with the camera: why not just itch her cheek while on live TV?

I have questions about this one.

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Why was Andy Cohen there? Why was Kelly wearing a costume from The Handmaid's Tale? Why was Andy Cohen picking Kelly up?

At least someone was smart enough to censor Kelly's clothing mishap.

And they can't get a line out to save their lives.

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"He's so manly, his mustache has a black belt in tai-kwon-mo," Ryan attempted to read off of the screen.

They both broke down at how stupid the line was, and I cannot blame them.

So, as we've established:

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A lot of things go wrong on live TV, especially when it comes to wardrobes and slip-ups.

Recently, Ryan took a big fall when trying to reach for a balloon. He and Kelly have a very serious job.

All Ryan wanted was to catch a balloon.

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They were doing a "2020 Travel Trivia" segment when Ryan became obsessed with catching a gold balloon.

One was floated over to him, and he tried to catch it. "Tried" being the operative word here.

Down he goes.

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Ryan overstretched to reach the coveted balloon and started to tip over.

Kelly was pretty shocked. She kind of lifted out of her chair as he hit the floor. It's good to know she's not the kind of friend that would pull her phone out to record immediately (like I am).

Help arrived quickly.

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One of the producers came in from offscreen and joined Kelly in helping Ryan up.

I just wanna a give a shoutout to the quick af person who knew to switch cameras.

Kelly had so much to say.

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"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" She repeated over and over. "Are you okay? Are you okay?"

She's such a mom — she didn't even think, just ducked down to help him up.

She also totally relished in it on Instagram.

Ryan posted the video to his Instagram story and tagged her. She posted it to her own, adding a sarcastic clapping gif of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We love that sass.

You can watch the whole thing here.

In true Seacrest fashion, Ryan knew an opportunity to make fun of himself when he saw one. He posted the video to his own Instagram so that the rest of us can enjoy that fall as many times as we want.