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Twitter Users Are Sharing Their Incredibly Wholesome Stories About Meeting Tom Hanks

Have you ever known a celebrity more wholesome than Tom Hanks? I mean, other than Keanu Reeves, that is.

Twitter user @stuartpstevens shared a story about his encounter with Tom Hanks, which led to a flood of other people sharing their random encounters with him. And trust me when I say that they're as random as they are adorable.

The tweet that started it all.

I love the stories where Tom Hanks just happens to randomly be around in case anyone needs a good samaritan.

This is the tweet that started the whole article off, and it's easy to see why. No one can resist wholesome celebrity stories.

Do NOT leave your phone unattended around Tom Hanks. know what, do the opposite. Leave your phone unattended around Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks will do what Tom Hanks does and leave a lasting memory on it.

I am slightly jealous.

He never forgets his acting roots.

Guys, the idea of Tom Hanks keeping up with his friends via email the way my grandpa does maybe brought a tear to my eye.

He truly just cares about people.

Classic Hanks.

I love that he uses his celebrity to just commit random acts of kindness.

Stranded on the road? Hanks has got you. Hankering for some popcorn? Hanks has got you, man.

This might be the coolest one.

Being on the Apollo 13 set sounds like an unforgettable experience. And on top of that, you get to meet Tom Hanks? In costume? As an astronaut?

Sometimes, life is good.

One person bought him a present.

The second part of the story:

"2/ and Advance Lead told me he was in attendance & wanted to meet me. Walked over & introduced myself & he yelled "Lighter Guy!!!". Thanked me profusely and we chatted for a few minutes. Received a very nice hand-written note from him days later. A real mensch. #hanx"

When I say I laughed out loud at this...

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"I got one. Relatives visiting LA from back east. Took them on tour of celebrity homes. We’re pulled over on Mulholland so ppl could take a pic of the Hollywood sign when someone pulls up, rolls down window and says “Seen any movie stars today?” Tom Hanks," wrote @Coastal__Eddy, who also shared a picture of that encounter.

He admires other people's talents.

Imagine having Tom Hanks approach you, gush about how talented you are, and then ask to take a picture with you.

He truly sounds like such a nice person, you guys. I'm so happy we're all here at the same time as Tom Hanks.

There's no whispering in baseball!

So what I'm gathering from all these stories is that you stand the best chance of running into the Hanks in three ways: have your car break down, go to any random baseball game, or be a ballerina.

He just has one of those faces.

That must make life much easier for him than, say, a Kardashian. He can just appear at ball games or go for a walk without getting followed by the paparazzi.

There's always one.

Of all the clever replies in this thread — some of which included Tom Hanks saving them from movie-level action scene explosions — this one takes the cake for originality.

I wonder if Rita still has that necklace?

Something about the idea of Tom Hanks buying jewelry for his future wife makes my heart warm. Did he know then that she was the one? Did he have any idea they'd be married for 30+ years?

It's just TOO CUTE.

This is very relatable.

Tag yourself, I'm the phrase, "sitting there trying not to be weird."

Of course Tom made sure to include everyone in the conversation and made an effort to be as nice as possible. What a good dude.

He was a guardian angel one time.

What the heck? Who even is this guy? Who does he think he is, being so famous and also the nicest man who has ever lived?

Mr. Rogers would be so proud that someone so nice did him justice.

This interaction? Chef's kiss.

To finish off the list, we have to include the time that @TJDuckets almost took Tom Hanks out, but thankfully missed.

As @JellyRochelle said: Thank you for not killing him, he's a national treasure.