12+ Pics That Found The Key To Life

Diply 9 Oct 2018

At 27 years old, I can honestly tell you that I don't have my life figured out yet. I'm not sure if you ever really do figure things out. However, these people seem to be headed in the right direction.

1. Well, that's one way to take out the trash. At least they're doing it at all. 

Reddit | mepejuma

Taking out the trash is the one chore everyone in my family tries to get out of doing. If this car method helps, all the power to you.

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2. I'm not going to lie, I will probably need something like this in the future. You'll never mistake it as someone else's.

Twitter | @rez512

Also, can we talk about how confident she must be to get her face printed on something like that? Goals!

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3. Where has this been all my life? This is an absolute game changer. I hope it works with forks.

Reddit | sidshembekar

As somebody who is constantly hungry and impatient, this would save me a lot of time and unnecessary injury. I need this!

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4. This could never be a bad idea. I'll have to try it for myself, eventually.

Reddit | Oceanic_815_Survivor

Playing video games next to your favorite restaurant is absolutely genius. You'd never get hungry. Also, who could go wrong with Mario Kart? Absolutely nobody.

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5. If lightsaber fights are the key to a longer life, somebody please sign me up.

Twitter | @Sam_Steer10

Although, so far I don't have a partner to participate with. Call me Han Solo.

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6. It is important to save time wherever you can. Personally, I always order out instead of cooking. 

Reddit | TroubleMan24

There are more important things you could be spending your time with, like watching video game adaptations.

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7. Cats are the less expensive kind of children. I'd say she made the right choice.

Reddit | Reddit

As someone with two cats, I'm a certified cat person. They do fight like real kids.

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8. I admire people who can find the loophole in anything. This guy gets an 'A' for effort from me.

Twitter | @esaueracker

I wish I had the guts to do this as a student.

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9. Too bad pizza doesn't help on the scale. 

Facebook | Men's Humor

If it were up to me, I would do this every day. I wish you could just stick to eating your favorites.

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10. I aspire to be like this man one day. 

Instagram | @will_ent

I have to figure out how to get one of these machines. What's better than a free drink on one day? A free drink every day!

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11. Avoid responsibility for as long as you can. 

Imgur | Blyde

I'm surprised my own roommate never hated me. It's okay to procrastinate every once in a while. I miss being able to do it.

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12. This is next-level smart. Why didn't I think of this?

Reddit | barbadosas

I'm a person who is constantly dropping my phone. My headphones never stay in my ears, either. I need to try this.

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13. If I had something like this, I would likely never leave the house.

Reddit | wonderless2686

My relationship with bubble wrap can be compared to cats and boxes. It's just so stress-relieving!

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14. This is the kind of romance we need in our lives. 

Tumblr | queenxkimberly

Flowers die quickly, anyway. It's easy to kill flowers by accident, but you can never kill somebody's love for food.

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15. Well, that's definitely the cleanest solution I've ever seen.

Reddit | jaycrew

Taking the bus is not the best experience in the world. You never know where people have been. At least she's clean.

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16. It's almost time for me to get a sticker like this. 

Reddit | Brainsnap

It can't be any scarier than Tinder, right? I'm apprehensive about using dating sites, so I'll take any alternative I can get.

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