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Elton John Donates $1 Million For Australian Wildfires: 'What's Happening Here Breaks My Heart'

It's so amazing when the world comes together for a good cause!

The wildfires burning in Australia have caused immeasurable devastation to the country, claiming at least 25 lives and forcing many people out of their homes. The fires have also had a damaging effect on the wildlife, causing animals to become injured or killed if they don't evacuate their habitats.

Celebrities from all over the world have come together to raise awareness and make donations towards the cause.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban recently announced that they were donating $500k to the local fire stations and were "devastated" by the tragedy occurring in their home country.

Chris Hemsworth also made a massive donation of $1 million towards the cause.

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"What we need is your support and your donations. I’m going to put forward a million dollars and was hoping that all of you can contribute in any shape or form," Chris stated in a video shared to social media.

All donations are making a huge impact for those most affected.

"That money goes directly to the firefighters, the people on the front lines, the people who have suffered, the communities that have taken a hit and who are in desperate need of our support," Chris stated.

The Irwin family has also been working tirelessly with the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to help treat animals injured or displaced by the fires.

In an Instagram post, Bindi revealed that the hospital had treated its 90,000th animal amidst the wildfires, which was an orphaned platypus named Ollie.

Musician Elton John has just pledged a massive donation while performing in Sydney, Australia.

“You should all be in awe of the work that the firefighters are doing,” Elton announced during his concert. “There are people out there who have lost their lives trying to save homes.”

Elton then pledged to donate $1 million towards helping the country during this tragedy.

"There are people who have lost their lives and their homes,” Elton said, "and last is the plight of the animals and loss of their habitat that, frankly, is on a biblical scale and heartbreaking."

"Therefore, tonight I will be pledging $1 million to support the bushfire relief [efforts]."

Elton continued saying, "To see what's happening here breaks my heart, so we have to come together and we have to fight, and this is my bid towards it."

Elton has since shared a video of his announcement during the show.

"Seeing the fires raging across Australia have left me heartbroken. This tragedy has taken lives, homes and devastated so much wildlife," he captioned the video.

"At my Sydney show last night, I pledged $1 million dollars to support the Bushfire Relief Fund."

"God bless, Australia."

Elton ended his announcement by addressing those effected by the fires.

"To those who have lost their homes, God bless and hope that your lives will be repaired very soon," Elton said.

He was met with a round of applause and cheers from his Australian audience.

h/t: Global News