Beautician Gives Free Makeovers To Homeless Women To Boost Their Self-Esteem

Homelessness is a huge issue all around the world. There are homeless people everywhere, and homeless women especially face unique challenges.

Efforts are being made to eliminate this global problem but there is still so much progress to be made. That's why it's so amazing when individuals step in to offer help any way they can.

Shirley Raines, an L.A.-based beautician, is one of those people willing to help.

She runs a non-profit organization that offers food, showers, beauty supplies, and makeovers for homeless women.

She's been helping over 800 homeless people every Saturday in L.A's "Skid Row" district.

This district is considered to have the largest homeless population in the United States.

Apparently, over half of the entire population of Skid Row is actually homeless.

The district's name, Skid Row, comes from a logger term "on the skids" for transporting logs down roads of skids.

This term later became synonymous with places where people that have no money would gather.

Now, these people have a purposeful place to go to thanks to volunteers like Shirley.

Since Shirley grew up "in the hood" as she puts it, she understands the hardships homeless people often face.

After sadly losing her own child she set out to help others in a meaningful way.

So she founded a non-profit organization called Beauty 2 The Streetz.

Every Saturday, alongside her awesome team, they offer showers, food, and beautify homeless people in need.

Not only does the non-profit help feed the homeless but their aim is to provide them with a much-needed human connection and a sense of belonging in the community.

This is a truly amazing organization.

They also want to spread awareness of the huge impact homelessness has had on the whole district of Skid Row as well as the rest of the country.

Homelessness still has many misconceptions and stigmas associated with it.

Even though some may question the importance of getting your hair or makeup done, Shirley doesn't see it that way.

She believes in building people's confidence and self-esteem through her work.

Anything that can help a person believe they can eventually get off the streets is a step in the right direction.

And this initiative definitely helps with that.

There's still a huge stigma when it comes to homelessness, as most homeless people are viewed as alcoholics or drug addicts.

But a lot of them just can't make ends meet.

Some homeless people might have lost their jobs and can't afford to find a place to live.

While others may even have jobs but just can't make enough to survive.

Shirley and her volunteers spend countless hours on their feet every Saturday to help the homeless community.

They bring happiness and dignity back to those still struggling on the streets.

Honestly, if there were more initiatives like this all around the world there could be an end to poverty and homelessness.

We need to do more to help our communities in whatever way we can.

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