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Girl Realizes Her Mom Was Friends With Brad Pitt After Looking At Old Photo Albums

It takes a lot for kids to think that their parents are cool.

Like, a lot.

But for this TikTok user, finding old images of her mom with Brad Pitt (yes, the Brad Pitt) certainly did the trick.

With celebs being as famous and untouchable as they are now, it's easy to forget that they were once just regular Joes like us.

This meant that they, too, struggled to pay the bills, drank stale beer out of Red Solo cups, and even dated regular people.

Don't believe us? Take a look at these receipts from people online whose family members dated celebrities before they were famous.

Like this girl who grew up with "Uncle Jamie."

Just look at the smile of that little boy. He's holding on tight because he knows Uncle Jamie is a millionaire!

Keep holding out for those Air Pods, kid!

Or this girl who stumbled upon Leo in her family albums.

This girl's aunt must really be kicking herself by now.

Leo is still single, girl; or at least dating a young Victoria's Secret model who won't last. Don't give up hope!

Then, there's this person's dad who once dated Lori Loughlin.

Given the actress's recent college admissions scandal going on, this papa might be thinking that he dodged a bullet...

And we can't forget about this girl who almost had Ashton Kutcher as her uncle!

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The baby brother needs to get to work on selling their skin cells on eBay since they were once held by Ashton-Freakin-Kutcher.

And now, we bring you the latest instance of kids realizing that their parents were cool once upon a time.

It all began on the app TikTok, which has been churning all sorts of viral stuff lately.

Anyway, user @emmemaclendonn was just going through her mother's old scrapbook when she stumbled upon the equivalent of finding gold.

TikTok | @emmemaclendonn

Get ready for this, y'all.


TikTok | @emmemaclendonn

The user began by pointing out her mom who was just chilling at a table with friends.

But all was not normal, as Emme's mom had Brat Pitt sitting next to her.

TikTok | @emmemaclendonn

Since the year was 1988, this photo was taken literally one year before the A-List actor made his big-screen debut in the horror film Cutting Class.

It wouldn't be until his 1994 role in "Legends of the Fall" that Pitt would be cemented as Hollywood royalty, though.

This means that this gal's mom might still have been pals with the gorgeous star before fame got him (and maybe something more?).

Who knows!

I mean, the photo of Brad wasn't just a one-off.

TikTok | @emmemaclendonn

Brad was in another image and he looked pretty comfortable, meaning that her mom was ACTUALLY FRIENDS WITH BRAD PITT.

No surprise here: this was the girl's reaction to stumbling upon this amazing family treasure.

TikTok | @emmemaclendonn

Same, girl, same.

We just have so many questions for her mom and we bet she did, too.

While it's unlikely that this girl's mom is still friends with Brad Pitt, one person who certainly is getting buddy-buddy with him lately is none other than his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

While on the red carpet at this year's Golden Globes, Brad even confirmed their friendship by telling Entertainment Tonight: “I’ll run into Jen, she’s a good friend.”

Then, during his Golden Globes acceptance speech, he said something that actually made her laugh.

He had joked about the struggles of dating (he's since gotten divorced from Angelina Jolie, who he allegedly left Jen for) by saying that he would have brought his mom as his plus-one, but then the tabloids would have said that they were dating.

While we totally adorable ship their friendship, let's be real: a romantic rekindling is what we all what.

But until then, we'll settle for Brad Pitt and Emme's mom friendship rekindling again.