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Harry Styles And Adele Vacationed Together And Left A $2,020 Tip At A Local Restaurant

Wow, who knew that celebrities actually vacationed together?

Certainly not this writer, who assumed they just lived the lives that they had in the movies.

Next, you'll be telling me Daniel Craig is just a person and not a super spy. Psh, with those beautiful baby blues? I think not.

So, in case you didn't know, Adele and Harry Styles have been friends for years.

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So while you might have been surprised to hear that they are on vacation together, you can calm down: they're not dating.

They're just really good friends.

They are currently vacationing together in Anguilla.

Pop Crave provided a ton of photos of the pair on the beach and enjoying their best life at a local resto.

They both are taking time to enjoy the sunlight and the beach.

There are speculations that the two of them are working on a secret project together.

Which, to be fair, would be absolutely iconic. Imagine those two voices singing and overlapping each other? We would be so lucky!

But the most uplifting part of the story comes when they went to dinner together.

They went out, spent like 400$ on dinner...

And then at the end left a $2,020 tip.

Jeez! I need to get into the "waiting tables for celebrities" business. It does seem awful lucrative, especially when they're feeling generous!