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Chris Evans And His Dog Went Viral For Getting Matching Sweaters

Chris Evans and his dog Dodger Evans regularly end up on the internet with one job: to break Twitter.

Once again, they succeeded in what is probably their most adorable post ever.

The world of Twitter is simple: they like dogs, and they like Chris Evans. So when you put the two together, you're always bound to get people talking.

Chris Evans is good at one thing in particular besides acting.

It's breaking the internet.

Sometimes it's for his political opinions, but most of the time it is for the sweet and adorable love he has for his dog, Dodger.

Dodger Evans was adopted by Chris while he was on the set of 'Gifted'.

It was love at first sight and Evans took him home right away and began to bless our timelines with constant videos and photos of the adorable pup.

The dog follows him as much as possible, including to the set of 'Knives Out'.


A movie that finally allowed Evans to play the villain (and look good while doing it).

In fact, he looked so good that the cable-knit sweater that he was wearing actually went viral.

So, naturally, the only other thing to do was get Dodger his own Christmas 'Knives Out' sweater.

Because really, why wouldn't you?

Following the photos that were released, the internet collectively lost their minds. This is just too cute for anyone to handle.