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Margot Robbie Gets Emotional While Asking Followers To Donate To Australian Wildfires

The wildfires that are currently raging in Australia have had a huge emotional impact on people all over the world, but for those born in, raised in, or currently living in Austrlia, it can be a deeply personal issue.

Actress Margot Robbie, born and raised in Australia, has shared an emotional video on her Instagram.

Instagram | @margotrobbie

The video begins with Margot flipping through a photo album, describing the pictures from her childhood and explaining where they all took place.

"I’m sure you’re all aware of what is happening in Australia at the moment with the fires," she then says.

Instagram | @margotrobbie

"I didn’t want to show you anymore of the devastation, I wanted to show you how beautiful our country is, because it is so beautiful," she says, visibly getting emotional.

"It’s really, really hurting right now and it really, really needs you so please donate anything you can.”

"I went on so many different websites to donate and they all took me less than a minute, and I'm horrible with technology," Margot explained, after stating she'll be including links to make donations in her Instagram bio and on her Instagram story.

"Let’s give future generations the childhood I was so lucky to have.”

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If you're interested in making a donation to help out local state fire resources in Australia, the above image contains links that allow you to do so.