Getty Images | George Pimentel

Awkwafina Makes Golden Globe History As First Asian Woman To Win Lead Actress In A Comedy

Yes, fly the red banners, sound the trumpets and release the doves, yesterday the Golden Globes made history.

Yes, you read that right, history!

For 77 years the Golden Globes have been on TV, and not once has an Asian woman won "Lead Actress In A Comedy"... until this year.

There were a lot of big moments at this years Golden Globes.

Moments that will most likely be instantly forgotten.

JLo will go back to wearing ridiculous outfits, Jason Momoa didn't care what we had to say anyway, and as for the Hollywood Elite...

Well, they will continue to be preachy and hypocritical.

But one thing that can never be forgotten is Awkwafina's win of "Lead Actress In A Comedy".

Why? Because she's the first Asian woman to ever do it. Ever. In the history of the award.

She won it for a movie called 'The Farewell'.


A movie about an American-Chinese family that finds out their grandmother is going to die. Instead of telling her, they have a big party and I'm assuming comedy ensues.

Considering it won a Golden Globe and all.

But hey! It must be good!


I mean to win a Golden Globe is a high honor, and to be the first person doing anything is always a high honor.

For those of you who doubt her, you'll have to watch the movie to see if it's worth a Golden Globe!