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You Can Buy Building Blocks That Form To Create Your Very Own Life-Sized Cat

Anyone who owns cats knows that one is just never enough. People want all the cat cuddles, but taking care of pets requires a lot of time and money that people don't have to dedicate to more animals.

However, where there's a will, there's a way.

JEKCA building blocks are like LEGOs on steroids.

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The company is known for creating life-sized sculpture sets of animals, cartoon characters, and even fast food.

They have a whole line dedicated to felines for all the cat lovers out there.

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So far, they have 18 different cat breeds to choose from to build, as well as different poses.

Whatever cat breed you prefer, there is one thing we can all agree on — the detail of these cat sculptures is incredible.

The cats are life-sized, so if you're allergic to cats or can't have pets in your apartment, this is a fun alternative!

Instagram | @jekcaworld

The prices range from $40-$65 USD, depending on breed, color, and pose.

Considering the upkeep of pets can get pretty pricey, this isn't too bad!

However, you will need a lot of patience as each set comes with over 1,200 different pieces!

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This is the perfect rainy day activity, that's for sure.

If cats aren't your thing, they have a host of absolutely adorable dog sculptures as well.

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