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Jennifer Lopez' Golden Globes Dress Is Being Compared To Ryan Reynolds' Christmas Sweater

Well, it's not surprising that everyone is talking about it, considering it was kind of a mess. I mean, look at the thing! It's everywhere! And she looks like a bloody Christmas present!

Say... it does kind of look like Ryan Reynolds' old sweater, doesn't it? Man, that is hilarious!

Ah yes, the good ol' Golden Globes.

They were on yesterday, or have you not heard?

Of course you have, you can't turn a corner without someone throwing the opening monologue in your face. Ricky Gervais blew people away, in both a good and bad way.

But enough about the controversy, we just want to judge people for what they wear!

The best part of any award show is watching what the stars arrive in.

Salma Hayek stunned viewers in her tight dress, looking beautiful at 53. Seriously, she needs to drop her skincare routine.

But there is one dress that is all people can talk about, and it is Lopez' dress.

That is Jennifer Lopez, yes the Jennifer Lopez, wearing what looks like a big Christmas present on her stomach.

And if you're thinking her dress looks weirdly familiar, don't worry, you're not the only one.

It looks like that ugly Christmas sweater Ryan Reynolds wore!

Yes, the resemblance is uncanny! They both have a big gold bow, and they're both green and red.

Except Ryan Reynolds was wearing it to be funny and Lopez was apparently making a statement.

Who do you think wore it better? Let us know below in the comments!