Chris Evans Was The Perfect Gentleman As He Jumped To Scarlett Johansson's Rescue At The Golden Globes

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson have been friends for a long time, so no one is a stranger to the love and adorable moments that they share on and off-screen.

Their most recent one was at The Golden Globes, where Evans once again displayed his chivalry for the whole world to see.

The life of a female celebrity is especially hard around award season.

You're being watched more for what you're wearing rather than what award you are competing for!

The longer the train the better, but the riskier it is for your safety!

Luckily, that is where Chris Evans comes in.


The man is constantly showing off his chivalry when it has to do with his female peers and co-stars.

And people eat up everything he does when it comes to being someone's knight in shining armor.

Chris Evans tends to go viral for three reasons on social media.

It is either for something adorable he did with his dog Dodger, his political opinions, or being a perfect gentleman.

While Twitter can sometimes be the worst place ever, when it comes to Chris Evans, it's always something that makes us smile.

Another thing he is seriously known for, and occasionally goes viral for, is his love of Disney.

In fact, if you follow any site dedicated to Chris Evans, you can find a ton of photos of him at Disney World or Disneyland.

But his most important viral moments have happened at award shows, where he tends to come as a presenter.

YouTube | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

So even though he's not being nominated, he is still able to outshine some of the stars who are waiting to hear if they win or lose!

That's power.

One of those moments is when he helped out Regina King at the Oscars.

YouTube | ET Canada

He lent her a hand as soon as he realized that her heel had got caught in her dress.

He lent her his arm for her to take and escorted her to the stage to accept her award.

That same night, Evans offered his arm to Jennifer Lopez who was wearing a skin tight dress to the mic to present.

As if he hadn't displayed enough chivalry to the public already!

He basically dominated the Oscars that night, without even being nominated for an award.

There was also the time that he helped out Betty White!

YouTube | ET Canada

When she had to go on stage to accept her TV Icon award at the People's Choice Awards, he immediately leaped to his feet and offered to escort her.

This guy knows how to steal hearts.

But that's just how he was raised!

He grew up around a lot of women, all of whom were feminists.

His mother taught him well on how to treat women, and Evans admitted that he grew up learning how to be chivalrous.

Over the years, he had mentioned it more than once, which is probably why he makes such a good Captain America.

He's probably the closest we could have gotten to the real-life hero anyhow!

So when it was announced that he would be presenting at the Golden Globes this year, people knew that they would get to witness another Evans viral moment in the making.

Which they were right about.

The star, once again, is making headlines for his ability to save a woman from toppling over in her dress.

This time it had to do with Scarlett Johansson, who showed up dressed to impress at the Golden Globes.

She was wearing a beautiful red gown with a very long train behind her.

And while people loved looking at her dress, and how happy she looked with Colin Jost, people were excited to see her reunite with Evans.

Although, no one expected the massive cuteness overload that would go viral on social media.

Although her dress was astonishing (definitely one of her best yet), fans were a little worried when she came out on stage with Eavns.

When she presented alongside him, it created a little problem.

But Evans saw it coming from a mile away.

Once they announced the winner (Taron Egerton) and handed him the award, Evans and Johansson had to move to the side.

But Johansson couldn't accomplish that without Evans' help.

He immediately grabbed her train and helped her without a second thought so she would not fall or rip her dress.

And because the internet is a simple place, where we appreciate love, friendship, and Chris Evans being a gentleman, Twitter blew up.

It wasn't shown on screen if you were watching it on NBC, but there are enough videos floating around that show the adorable moment.

People just adored the fact that he and Scarlett were so cute on stage together, and that he helped her out.

What's not to love about a man who helps out a damsel in distress?

Disney movies taught him well, apparently.

People continued to talk about the two of them together throughout the night.

Their chemistry is a delight to fans both on and off-screen.

We'll be watching upcoming events closely to see if they have any more adorable moments together.

It's good to know that in this world where so much bad happens, we can always look to Chris Evans to make our world a bit brighter.

What was your favorite Golden Globes moment? Let us know below in the comments!