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Kit Kat Is Ready For Summer With Their New Lemon Crisp Flavor

2020 has only just begun, but Kit Kat is already slated to release seven new flavors so far this year, both permanent and limited edition.

Besides their five permanent flavors and their seasonal Raspberry Crème flavor for Valentine's Day, people have been finding a new Lemon Crisp flavor that sounds absolutely refreshing.

It's wild to think we were just seeing red and green packaging everywhere not even a week ago.

Instagram | @snackstalker

Flavors of chocolate peppermint, hot cocoa, and cinnamon have dominated the last couple of months.

Kit Kat is ready to move on and look forward to summer with their latest flavor.

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CandyHunting made the announcement that the mini Kit Kats were spotted at Food Lion, a grocery store chain hailing out of North Carolina.

Unfortunately, there's no telling if these will make their way over to other parts of the U.S.

We sure wish we could try them after reading Instagrammer Snackstalker's review.

Instagram | @snackstalker

They described the wafers as having a light lemon scent and taste and are overall "solid."

Of course, this isn't the first stab at the citrus flavor for Kit Kat.

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Okinawa Salt and Lemon Kit Kat have been a crowd favorite in Japan for some time now.

It appears Kit Kat America is taking note of the popularity of creative flavors overseas, and we hope they don't stop!

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