'Walk The Line' Stars Reese Witherspoon And Joaquin Phoenix Had A Sweet Reunion At The Golden Globes

Well, it's good to see that the old band is back together!

These two actors have had wildly different careers since they did Walk the Line and it might be nice to have a bit of perspective now that we're all older, more jaded, and have seen the movie Dewey Cox.

The flash of lights! The sounds of cameras endlessly clicking away!


Yes, the Golden Globes were on recently, so of course, it is all that anyone can talk about now.

Not even about who won what either, because let's face it: that's not important.

What's on people's minds is what happened before and during the Globes.

Ricky Gervais' speech has obviously caused an uproar, and there were several dresses that rubbed people the wrong way.

But the thing we're going to talk about today is a reunion.

Do you remember the movie 'Walk The Line'?

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It was the Johnny Cash story, it starred Joaquin Phoenix as Cash himself and Reese Witherspoon as Cash's lover, June Carter.

It came out in 2006 and earned both actors Oscar noms (with Witherspoon winning Best Actress).

Well, 15 years later it seems that the two of them ran into each other at this year's Golden Globes and this picture was snapped.

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What a nice moment!

They look so different and yet... it still feels right.

What was your favorite Golden Globes moment? Let us know below in the comments!