Teacher Makes 'Menstruation Packs' To Help Students Through Unexpected Periods

Not only do teachers educate children every day, but many of them come up with simple but effective ways to help their students with personal problems too.

One teacher has gone viral for sharing an idea that will help female students who unexpectedly get their periods at school. Her post became so popular, it inspired other teachers to try this idea at their own schools.

Even though it is a normal part of growing up, for some girls menstruation can be very stressful.

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When many girls start their periods, they can be irregular and come unexpectedly, putting them in an awkward position if it starts suddenly while they're at school. For other girls, they might struggle with affording feminine hygiene products altogether.

Many schools have recognized these issues and have started offering free feminine hygiene products in bathrooms for female students.

Students can help themselves to the products, and it saves them a trip to the school office or to see the nurse.

One teacher came up with her own genius idea to help girls who suddenly got their period at school.

Facebook | Kristen Heavner

Kristen Heavner is a Detroit-based teacher who shared her simple but helpful idea on Facebook in the hopes of inspiring other educators to do something similar.

Kristin said she reuses old cosmetics bags and fills them with feminine hygiene products.

Facebook | Kristen Heavner

She keeps these "menstruation packs" at her desk and female students can discreetly help themselves to one if they need it. The colorful bags are an easy way for students to grab what they need without alerting the whole school that they're on their period.

Kristin said that since her classroom is close to the bathroom, it's a better option than students heading down to the office for a much-needed pad or tampon.

"Sure, the office has pads for students, but once you've already figured out that there is an issue, the last thing you want to do is head to the office wait in line, ask for what you need, walk back to the bathroom, etc," she said in her Facebook post.

Since sharing her idea on Facebook in 2017, Kristen's post has been seen and shared by thousands of people.

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Her post tends to get recirculated in the fall as students and teachers head back to class. Many Facebook users who never had access to feminine hygiene products in school have praised this teacher for her helpful idea.

Kristen's post has inspired others to make their own menstruation packs.

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Even though many schools are making the move to offer free feminine hygiene products, some are unable to do so because of budget reasons.

Other teachers have shared their own version of this idea as well.

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This is a great idea and something that many female students can benefit from. It doesn't take much — just a small bag, some pads, and tampons — but it could truly help a student in need.