15+ People Who Aren’t Ready To Come Back To Work After The Holidays

As people begin trudging their way back to work in the new decade, there has naturally been quite a bit of reluctance from some people to rejoin the working world. In order to vent their frustration at this unnatural task, the army of the resentfully employed took to Twitter in order to share in each other's pain, tiredness, and caffeine addictions.

So, if you are still suffering from the shock of returning to the working world after a period of gorging yourself and drinking as much as you want, then here are 15+ people who also aren't ready to come back to work after the holidays.

Have I Been Here Before?

It all seems so familiar, and yet it remains hidden behind a wall of Christmas and New Year bottles of wine.

Best Laid Plans

If you try and set impossible goals like these, then what can you expect to do but fail?

*Deep Breaths*

Prepare yourself for the torrential outpouring of missed emails.

The Struggle Is Real

Is everyone else in work still baffled by how much money they spent on alcohol over the holiday period? If not, then you didn't do the holidays right.

Back To Work

Some people have been working over the entire holiday period, and I think we should take a moment for these people. God bless you all.

Do You Want A Coffee?

It would be a lot easier if there was a way to just mainline coffee straight into my veins at this point.

That's A Bingo

Obviously swap out 2016 for 2019, but the rest is pretty spot on. Let me know how many of these you've heard today!

Blowing Off The Cobwebs

I can imagine a lot of people spent their first day back staring at the screen and trying to remember what it is that they actually do on a daily basis.

When The Real World Hasn't Kicked In Yet

There's something oddly satisfying about staring into space. It's time that is completely yours, and no one can take that away from you!

Get The Sticky Tape

If that doesn't work, use toothpicks to prop open your eyelids. It sure is painful but it's been working for me! Just make sure you have some water to drip into your eyeballs every now and again.

Is It Friday Yet?

Hold onto the knowledge that Friday is always on the horizon, like an old friend beckoning for you to come into their warm embrace.

The Bells!

The first day back at work, the day of the year when the snooze button is mashed more than any other.

Still Technically Working

I mean, he's still doing his job, it just seems like he might get it done a bit quicker if he wasn't actually lying on the floor.

Udderly Hopeless

At times like these, it is important to look to the future and remember why it is that we do the jobs we do... if you're struggling to think of a reason then it's maybe time to look for a new job.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Unless your New Year's resolution was to do no work on the first day back, then you probably already gave up on yours.

The Old Switcheroo

Even though the days may fall kindly for some, it doesn't make that first day any easier!

You Look... Wonderful

If you're feeling fresh as a daisy on your first day back then I would like you to tell me how you managed such trickery.

The Wonders Of The Future

This futuristic office really put a lot of stock in radios.

Is it "Password"?

Just keep adding different numbers onto the one you use for everything. You'll get there in the end!

A Small Victory

In fairness, this is a massive positive. I can finally have the radio on again without it making me want to rip off my ears and throw them out of the window.