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People Share The Weirdest Things That Random People Have Admitted To Them

Sometimes it can be good to confide in a close friend or relative about something that has been playing on your mind. We can often trust those close to us to keep these things a secret and offer helpful advice. However, some people find the confidence of a total stranger to be just as comforting.

One person took to Reddit to find out some of the most shocking things that people had been told by complete strangers, by asking, "What weird thing did somebody tell you that they shouldn't have felt so comfortable telling you?"

What follows are some of the most troublesome, disconcerting, and downright weird stories that people had to share.

The World's Strangest Icebreaker

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"Years ago, I lived in Florida. My girlfriend (now wife) and I went to a Chili's one night to get some drinks with her co-workers. After they left, we went back inside to the bar for one more drink because it was still early and we lived nearby. This older guy walks in and sits down a few stools away from us and immediately starts giving us some lighthearted shit about football, then notices my girlfriend typing something on her phone. Within 60 seconds of meeting us, he decided to drop this: 'Oh, you like looking things up on them phones huh? Google my name.'

"We Google his name and the first result is a news article that names him as the victim of an attempted murder-suicide by his wife. She shot him in the head, then shot herself in the head right after. She died, he didn’t. Police came after a call of shots fired, they found him unconscious but alive, med flighted him to a hospital and he woke up later that day. And that was his icebreaker story!" — DanHam117

It's impossible to imagine how lucky this guy is. To have survived a gunshot to the head is truly incredible!

The Mechanics Secrets

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"I see my mechanic alike 5 times a year and he always tells me how many Asian girls he met online and had sex with since we last met. It's like an unprompted tradition he must get past before we can talk about what's wrong with the car." — cholula_is_good

Sometimes it's the strange traditions that help us get through the day though. This, however, is not one of those traditions, they could definitely do without this one.

Explaining How Their Son Died

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"As a passenger in an Uber, I had my driver tell me that day was the anniversary of the day his son was murdered. We then drove past a building where he told me the murderer worked, [with] in his words, 'four bodies on him'. His son was a gangster. My driver was a 56-year-old father just lost in his grief that day and when he picked me up, in that neighborhood in Minneapolis Midtown, it just came out. He also told me that every single day he thought about killing the man who killed his son and then just turning himself in. He told me his wife told him once a week that he better not make her a widow.

"It wasn't the ride to the airport that I signed up for but that was ok. He needed to talk to someone. As a father, I could feel his pain. His kid was weeks away from leaving the life and joining his brother in the military. He told me he was killed by his second in command right after he said he was joining the service." — cleonjonesvan

Apparently, when they were getting out of the car, the man told them that they were going to drive home as they really needed to talk to their wife.

The Wonders Of Thailand

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"Business partner of my then boss, that had just introduced himself to me: 'nice team you've got here. we should all go on a trip to Thailand together. You can f*ck prostitutes without protection over there! they all have documents from their doctors showing that they're clean!'

"Dude was also married, with two young daughters." — tianepteen

I think they actually put that on the travel guides. Don't worry about seeing the stunning natural beauty or culture or anything like that.

Letting Their Coworker Know How They Spend Their Evenings

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"Me sits down for my lunch break at work. Random coworker comes and sits down and says to me, 'So I've been watching cartoon monster porn'." — Nitrogenlord

It is worrying that this random coworker looked at the person who wrote this and thought, "That's the kind of person who will relate to this piece of information!"

Discussing Their Mechanic's Son's Love Life

Unsplash | Clayton Tonna

"Waiting to get my windshield replaced a few weeks back, an older gentleman tried to hook me up with his son, then went on to tell me about his wife who had died 8 months ago, and his son's relationship with his ex-girlfriend (she was pretending to be pregnant). This son is also on the autism spectrum, though not as bad as 'The Good Doctor', has psoriasis, and works at the deli counter of a grocery store, where he was forced to wear long sleeves because people were complaining that his skin was flaking into their meat. All within about a half-hour or so." — smashingwat3rmel0ns

That is a lot to drop on someone in such a short amount of time! This person also explained that they have what they call a "Mother Confessor face".

The Assembly Line Of Uncomfortable Truths

Unsplash | Lenny Kuhne

"Working on an assembly line, a girl I had to work next to that day explained to me why part of her shirt was yellow and wrinkled. The yellow part was cat pee, it's wrinkled cause she sleeps in it. And hasn't done laundry in 2 weeks...yes she smelled and yes I told her she did.

"Next girl working with me confessed that she slept with 50 people at work. Married, has 3 kids, not sure if kid #2 and #3 is her husbands. Then told me not to tell anyone, I barely knew her, but I'm sure people already knew this about her. There were less than 300 people working at this plant, that's including 2 shift's." — shell1212

I don't know what kind of assembly line this is, but I think it might be time to start looking for another job or at least start working at a different part of the line!

Talking About Their Medical History

Unsplash | Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

"My coworker told me that he has had flare-ups of gonorrhea over 30 times, he has herpes, and god knows what else. He said he can't remember how many times he's had a q-tip swab in his dick hole. He doesn't believe me that I've never had an std and is constantly bringing it up. I don't know what compels this man to constantly talk about STD's but he must have a forest fire going on down there." — garlic_naaaannn

Always wear protection folks! Otherwise, you might end up being the person with this weird flex at the office.

Confiding In Restaurant Workers

Unsplash | Lefteris kallergis

"Cashier at St. Louis Bread Co. informing me she's on her period and flowing very heavily. I get it, I'm a fellow woman, but damn. It's a restaurant." — samgarrison

If you work in a service position, people can tell you some truly strange things, especially if they're a regular at the place you work. I used to hate it when people would try to talk to me about their personal life at the coffee shop I used to work. I mean, I'm just trying to see the day out here, I don't have the energy to be pretending to be interested in your daily routine.

The Barista's Curse

Unsplash | Daryan Shamkhali

"Ok, Starbucks barista here. I was working the drive-thru and some lady comes in asking for an iced coffee with heavy cream. I pay it no mind as it's not even close to my weirdest order. She gets to the window and starts trying to explain the motifs behind getting this drink. 'By the way, I'm not getting this for the caffeine. I'm constipated.' Whatever still hasn’t phased me, I’m used to weird sh*t like this. She continued, 'I tried an enema two days ago and that bulls**t didn’t work at all!'

"That's where I had to stop and go to the back to breath, I was not ready for that." — MylesWithaY

This is exactly the kind of nonsense that baristas do not need to be hearing! Go tell your doctor this kind of stuff, not the person preparing your beverages for very low pay!

Tales Of The Brother In Law's Sex Life

Unsplash | Ethan Kent

"Managed a restaurant and a man was there to service the building, HVAC or something. He seems anxious and starts rattling on about his girlfriend and then her brother and how said brother f*cked a cow... immediately apologizes, 'I don't know why I said that I probably shouldn't have told you that, sorry.'" — BeowulfasaurusRex

I can imagine this person's expression must have been understandably shocked for the serviceman to apologize.

Finding Out About Your Grandparent's Sex Life

Unsplash | Dmitry Ratushny

"My 89-year-old grandfather told me his and his wife's favorite sexual position. Number 1 on the list of things I never ever needed to know." — Uythuyth

Sometimes I wish there was a way to bleach things from your brain. No one needs to know this sort of thing, absolutely no one.

The Butter Knife Incident

Unsplash | Tracey Hocking

"My coworker went in to great detail (including a hand-drawn diagram) about how constipated she was after one of her c-sections. She said she was so uncomfortable that she asked her husband to try to dig some of the poo out of her butt with his finger. So she put a towel down on the bed, laid on her side, and he got to work. After some successful digging she rolled over and noticed a butter knife on the bedside table and asked what it was doing there to which he responded 'well, it was too hard for my fingers'." — heycathyjoy

This person went on to write that they are a nurse, and this confession was made to a table full of nurses at work. I don't think I'll ever look at a butter knife the same again.

Talking About Their Sex Life At The Office

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"A (strange) coworker, whom I wasn't even close with, decided to tell me at work - across the entire office - that she and her husband were having marital problems due to lack of sex. He wanted more sex. But since she wasn't trying to get pregnant, she didn't see the point and said he needed to get over it.

"This happened loudly, out of nowhere and with no prompting. What made it more uncomfortable was that she was our HR person." — StormblessedRadiant

If it's the HR person telling you, who would you go to if this sort of thing made you feel uncomfortable? It wouldn't exactly be ideal to register a complaint with the person you are complaining about, would it?

Confessing To Being A Lesbian

Blake Barlow | Unsplash

"Chatting with another mom at the park. Now we can chat about some pretty weird things. Like, discussing your kids' pooping habits would be a normal conversation. Even to some extent discussing how things are going the bedroom isn’t that weird.

"But I've had some weird things other moms have confided to me. The one that stands out was a mom who confessed she was a closeted lesbian, in a loveless marriage who has a huge crush on her teenage son's girlfriend. It got even weirder too." — Boobyjuicy

Some people will confide in strangers as they simply need someone neutral with whom they can unload their issues which otherwise have no outlet.

Propositioned By A Professor

Unsplash | Andres Siimon

"My sociology professor decades ago smoking outside of class with some of the guys as I was walking into the building.

"Me: Is the school going to give you crap for smoking with your students? Him: I could be doing something else with my students if you're interested. And he winked. Eeeeeeewwwwww." — Spectrum2081

In fairness, he would have actually been talking about playing fantasy role-playing board games. I mean, I doubt it, but he could have been.

The Origins Of Their Name

Unsplash | Oklahoma Academy Publishing

"My mother told me she named me after a character of a book she had read, and she made me read that book. After I was finished(don't ask me why I finished that book), I just was like: 'What the fuck did I just read?!'. The guy in the book with my name was a fucking pedophile and literally died after not eating for a month because he loved that one little girl. My mom said it was the best book she had ever read. I got nightmares of it but ok. Yes, I hate my name now." — akkurad

This person actually released the name of the book as being, "Schlafes Bruder" and a lot of people complained that the character is not necessarily a pedophile. However, having not read the book I cannot comment. Still, sounds like a pretty messed up situation to take a name from regardless.

Confessing To Being Manipulative

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"Sitting with my fiancé's new friend and she starts bragging to me how she’s been manipulating men including my fiancé into doing things for her. (Picking up her paychecks for her, babysitting her son while she goes on a date, cleaning her place for her, etc) Then she started showing me these long messages she'd send to guys she had just met on dating sites telling them how my fiancé was her best friend and her standard for guys." — ShePilotsGundams

I think that this person's fiancé needs to be made aware of this. No one should be taking advantage of someone else's good nature.

Saucy Photos

Unsplash | Bank Phrom

"I was working in the photo lab at Walmart. They have a policy about not printing lewd photos, and they have to be destroyed if they are printed. 20 minutes before closing a woman comes and asks to print some photos. I direct her to the kiosk, and after a while, they start printing in the back. I notice that the first few photos are poorly cropped as they come off the machine. The next few photos are the same framing, just different poses. It looks like she's showing off this nice dress. And then she's on a bed... And then her legs are spread...

"Now I have to figure out how to tell her I can't sell these prints. I'm already with the policy binder out and open to the relevant page when she comes up, and I start explaining: 'I'm sorry ma'am, I can't sell some of these photos to you, they violate our Inappropriate Print Policy so I had to shre-' [She replied:] 'Oh! I'm so sorry I forgot those were in there! It's fine he's not allowed to have those kinds of photos in prison anyway!'

"I was so relieved that she wasn't going to yell at me that it didn't register what she said until after she left". — my_fourth_redditacct

This Is My Stop

Unsplash | Dele Oke

"This guy and I had just gotten off at the bus stop together, and he turns to me and asks for directions to somewhere. I tell him, and he immediately says 'I'm going to go f**k my boss... So... That's what I'm up to.' I'm like 'okay dude lol good luck' and we part ways." -personalact


Unsplash | Samantha Gades

"My best friend casually brought up the time she slept with a married man and basically ruined their marriage. She seemed quite proud of it." -PrecogLaughter1008

Baby Daddy

Unsplash | Mustafa Omar

"Working helpdesk, we hire a new girl. I sat on interviews as a current technician and she happened to be on a team with me in a college course, so I said 'yeah, I worked with her on a team in school blah blah blah' so she got hired.

Fast forward to her first day, I'm showing her email. She turns to me and says 'So I cheated on my husband, got pregnant and then made him think it was his, and now he's divorcing me.'

I basically noped right the heck out of the conversation and never spoke to her about personal life stuff again. YEESH." -Spudthegreat

Shooting Blanks

Unsplash | Michał Parzuchowski

"I have an old professor who casually told our class one day that he was not the biological father to his children. His wife was artificially inseminated because he was older and was, 'Shooting blanks.' None of us knew how to react." -jsoliloquy

Family Drama

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

"My aunt told me that a long-time family friend told her that he found me and my sister annoying and didn't like visiting when we were younger. And my sister has matured a lot since childhood and is much more respectful but she decided to tell us how much he used to dislike us just before he was coming to visit. It made talking to her very awkward knowing how much he disliked me and my sister and how he hid it for so long." -ginger_giraffe_glory

Taxi Driver

Flickr | protsalke

"I was told the 'Funny story of getting so many DUIs' from a cab driver. While we were out on a fast freeway. Needless to say, I held onto the oh-sh*t handle the rest of the way home." -TheOneNamedZoe


Shubham Sharan on Unsplash

"Some guy in my Math class that I had never spoken to started telling me everything about how his parents hated each other but weren't legally divorced and how his dad would come home late every Friday and tell his wife that he was at another woman's house (even when he wasn't) just to get on her nerves. Never spoke to that guy again." -adhdautismm


"A friend of the family's just told us that her daughter is feeling positive about her next round of ivf because her husband's sample' s sperm count was much higher because 'he said he didn't rush it this time'." -GooberBuber

Childhood Trauma

RoseBox رز باکس on Unsplash

"I'm a delivery/collection person and one lady we picked up her stuff. After we were done she just casually mentioned that her daughter came home from her dad's and said he touched her. Like yeah, that's scary and I'm sorry and all but I don't know you. Super personal issue." -TylerMali

Picking Favorites

Szilvia Basso on Unsplash

"My father told me that, although he loves me a lot because I'm the younger brother and he had already experienced what it was being a father and all of that with my older sister, my birth wasn't that special and that my sister will always be more special to him and he will always love her more (he didn't say it in order to offend or hurt me emotionally, but it definitely did). And he wonders why I speak so little with him." -wing946

What Happens In The Summer Cottage, Doesn't Stay In The Summer Cottage!

Allef Vinicius | Unsplash

"I was going to a summer cottage owned by my work. Upon hearing that, a coworker of mine informed me that his daughter was conceived there, in the very bed that I was about to sleep in. Did not need to know that, at all." — ivarth

This person went on to say that they spent all night trying not to think about this little nugget of information. However, the more they tried not to think about it, the more they thought about it.

If you have any weird confessions that you have heard from strangers, let me know in the comments!