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Cat That Destroyed 2,432-Piece Figure After Two Weeks Of Work Has No Remorse

We love our pets, but sometimes we also kind of hate them.

Even the most well-behaved animal will occasionally do something destructive that leaves us confused and angry with them. For me, it's when my dog got my glasses off of the nightstand and destroyed them while I was in the shower.

It definitely pissed me off and cost a lot to fix, but I still love him. He's probably forgotten all about it.

Which is why I can understand the ire of a toy store worker in Thailand who discovered his cat had ruined a project.

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He had been tasked by customer to build a Doraemon figure with 2,432 pieces, to be delivered before New Years.

It took him a week to complete.

Doraemon is a popular Japanese mascot character.

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Even if you don't know the name, you probably recognize the blue robot cat. It's been popular for decades in Japan.

On December 27, the poor Doraemon figure was shattered.

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The culprit was pretty obvious, seeing as how the man's ginger cat was lounging comfortably amongst the carnage.

Even if the deadline wasn't so close, it would *suck* to discover all your hard work ruined.

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But when he posted the photos to Facebook, most people couldn't get over how little remorse the animal seemed to have.

It is pretty funny.

Some people did comment on the way he was holding the cat.

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It's important to note that you shouldn't lift a cat one-handed in that way. It can damage their spines.

This kitty seems fine, though, and will probably be happily destroying toys for a long time to come.

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